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A few months ago I noticed a little something new going on at my local Anthropologie store: a gorgeous (and seriously amped up) beauty section! From makeup to perfume to lotion to hair products, I explored every item until Jack wasn’t having it anymore and made it clear he was ready to leave the store (and his stroller) and move around.

I’ve definitely purchased a few goodies for myself since then (hello, Love + Salt!), but more importantly it’s become a go-to spot for me to find gifts for the ladies in my life. Everything is packaged so beautifully, they really do make it easy. Add a pretty little candle and you are officially the best gifter ever.

Here are a few of my favorite Anthro beauty finds…

Have you explored the Anthro beauty section yet? Where do you go to find quick, pretty gifts?

(This post was created in collaboration with ShopStyle and Anthropologie—thank you for supporting the brands that make Thoughts by Natalie possible!)

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  • Lauren
    December 26, 2015 at 8:08 am

    Natalie – I actually had the neatest opportunity and went to URBN headquarters right when our beauty shops were rolling out. I was able to meet the makers behind so many of the Anthro beauty brands, learn about the products in an intense two day training, and created a beauty training tool for Anthro employees for work! SO if you have any questions about products, I’m you’re gal ;) xo, Lauren