The Best Breakfast Burrito

December 16, 2014


Let me tell you a tale about how I discovered the best breakfast burrito. The morning after Jack was born, Brian and I found ourselves absolutely starving. Brian went out to hunt for something to feed us and came back with two piping hot burritos from the hospital cafeteria. Admittedly, they probably tasted way better to us in the moment because we were so tired and so hungry, but regardless of what made them appealing to us, they led us to try to recreate the flavors at home. And thus, we now have a recipe for the best breakfast burrito we’ve ever tasted.

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Happy Weekend: 10 Links I Love

December 12, 2014


I can’t believe we have less than two weeks until Christmas. Have you done your shopping yet? (If not, here’s some help.) My only plans for the weekend are to catch up on sleep, go for a couple of runs, and get out of the house with Jack. Simple enough, right? Perhaps I’ll even watch a Christmas movie or two. What are you up to?

Now, for some links I loved this week…

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A Quick Guide to Mermaid Hair

December 11, 2014


I get asked hair questions all the time, which truly makes me happy because I feel like I had terrible hair for most of my life and things only really turned around for me in the past two years when I discovered my look…mermaid hair. Sure, I had short hair as an adult once and actually really liked it, and every once in a while straight hair can be fun, but long, messy, wavy hair seems to be my power zone. And I don’t hate it.

Below is my quick guide to mermaid hair for those of you who want to join the club ;)

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