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Happy Weekend: What I Loved This Week

Good news for you friends: no politics here or on my social media. Because if you’re like me, you’re just over it and in need of fun things to read and pretty things to look at. So here are some of my favorite finds this week!

Have you ordered your Darling Magazine yet?! Yours truly has an article in Issue 18 about the deeper character building blocks of beauty.

The hair texture spray I swear by.

The BEST Niçoise salad—I made it this week and felt so accomplished!

Madewell Spring 2017 preview. So good.

Considering these oxfords and these pants and this sweater right now. On the fence.

The ultimate guide to alkaline foods.

Current go-to concealer (I wear shade 1)

My home decor inspiration.

The year of Lagom.


In style

My 10 Favorite Style Instagrammers

One thing that’s fun about Instagram is that everyone’s feed is completely different. What I see when I scroll through is different than what you see, and I often wonder which accounts you guys follow! While of course I follow friends and family, I follow a ton of style-oriented accounts for inspiration. So I thought I’d give you a peek into some of the accounts I love lately!

These ladies are somewhat diverse in their style signatures, but each of them inspire me in different ways in my own style. Here are my current favorites… Continue Reading →

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Happy Weekend: What I Loved This Week

Hey friends! Still sick over here. I went to the doctor and she said it’s just a nasty cold that’s going around that can last up to 4 weeks. Ugh. Many of you have messaged me to say you have it too, and I’m so sorry we’re all in the same boat. Here’s hoping this next week is when we finally get healthy! Until then, some reading material…

Veggie brown rice sushi you can make at home.

How to make your minimalist home feel inviting.

Tips for blending hair extensions into a blunt haircut.

5 minute curls.

A quick Pilates workout I’m trying this week.

I love these trousers. What do you think?

Coming soon at Everlane—my wish list is getting longer!

Inspiration for decorating my office.

In style

My Everlane Favorites

One of my newest brand obsessions is Everlane—do you ever shop there? Their clothes definitely skew masculine (which I love) and I find they have a look that is really similar to Madewell in a lot of ways. Even better, they have a fully transparent business that makes them a real leader in responsible and ethical fashion. These are some of their pieces I’m saving up for at the moment… Continue Reading →