August Book Club: Overwhelmed

July 31, 2015


One thing is for sure: the balance between motherhood, work, maintaining a household and having a social life is sort of exhausting. In fact, it feels rather impossible to do it all and at least once I week I find myself talking to Brian about how there literally isn’t enough time in the day. Anyone else?!?

In that spirit, I’ve chosen a book that really appeals to us who just want to find time to relax. For August, we’ll be reading Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time by Brigid Schulte.

Here’s a little description from Amazon to give you more details on what you can expect…

When award-winning journalist Brigid Schulte, a harried mother of two, realized she was living a life of all work and no play, she decided to find out why she felt so overwhelmed. This book is the story of what she discovered-and of how her search for answers became a journey toward a life of less stress and more leisure. Schulte’s findings are illuminating, puzzling, and, at times, maddening: Being overwhelmed is even affecting the size of our brains. But she also encounters signs of real progress-evidence that what the ancient Greeks called “the good life” is attainable after all. Schulte talks to companies who are inventing a new kind of workplace; travels to countries where policies support office cultures that don’t equate shorter hours with laziness (and where people actually get more done); meets couples who have figured out how to share responsibilities. Enlivened by personal anecdotes, humor, and hope, Overwhelmed is a book about modern life-a revelation of the misguided beliefs and real stresses that have made leisure feel like a thing of the past, and of how we can find time for it in the present.

Who’s in?


Happy Weekend: 10 Links I Love

July 31, 2015


Friday, Friday, Fri-YAY! We have a fun, social weekend ahead full of kid’s birthday parties and I’m so excited to get out of the house and spend time with those we love. What are you up to? Jack just woke up from his morning nap so my time is up—but I managed to get all my links done, so here you go! Cheers to the weekend!

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Print Those Photos

July 29, 2015


In this digital age we live in, it’s never been easier to document memorable moments in our lives…and yet I find with each passing year I am less and less likely to make physical copies of the highlights. The overload of photo documentation makes me a little paralyzed and I have a difficult time picking out the best moments, which means I print nothing. If you have ever been to my house, you might notice that we have zero photos of our family hanging anywhere. Zero! That, my friends, needed to end so I finally went for it and wanted to share a few of our favorite ways to get our memories off the computer and into our home.

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How to Make Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cubes

July 28, 2015


One thing is for sure: I love coffee! The funny thing is, I don’t even drink it for the caffeine. In fact, since I’m still nursing Jack, I always go for decaf if possible because I’m paranoid about it messing with his sleep. I just love the taste!

In the summertime I tend to go for iced over hot (for obvious reasons), but I’m sort of a slow sipper and I hate it when my coffee gets all watered down as the ice cubes melt. So you can imagine the lightbulb moment I had when I realized I could make coffee ice cubes and solve all of my problems. Well, my iced coffee problems at least.

Though you can absolutely just make coffee ice cubes with regular coffee, this recipe is for cold brew. Since you want the coffee cold anyway—ultimately, frozen—it tastes better to brew it cold than to cool down hot coffee, which can leave a bitter taste. Below is the recipe I used to make these cubes, plus 3 serving ideas!

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Freshly Picked Instagram Giveaway

July 27, 2015






I’ve shared before how much Jack (and I) love his little Freshly Picked moccasins. They’re not only stylish, but also easy to put on and they actually stay put on tiny feet. They’re ideal for him right now as he’s standing and trying so hard to walk because soft soles help baby feet develop properly.

One thing I will note: I feel like a lot of the mocs they sell are fairly feminine, but for boys you really can’t go wrong with anything from the Utah Collection. Jack is wearing Blue Spruce in the photos above, and Weathered Brown in these ones.

Be sure to stop by my Instagram today to enter to win!

(The moccasins shown in this post were provided by Freshly Picked—a brand I’m 100% obsessed with. Thanks for supporting the brands that make Thoughts By Natalie possible!)