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At the beginning of the summer, I shared a bit about my personal hair journey and all of the “hair woes” I’ve experienced since pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc. In a nutshell, my hormones and diet of course played a big role, but I also relied too heavily on my curling wand to hide how bad my hair looked and was using all kinds of products that weren’t doing me many favors.

When I wrote the post, I shared some of my feelings on Snapchat and instantly got a message from someone suggesting that I look into Hairstory products. Since I’m a sucker for anything that will make my hair better, I immediately googled them and placed an order for two products that I have been using for a full month and have become obsessed with…  Continue Reading →

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Happy Weekend: What I Loved This Week

IMG_1235^^Yep, that’s my face in the September issue of InStyle!!! So thankful to be an Aveeno partner this year!

A jump rope workout for jet lag.

Helping children succeed—without the stress.

6 principles healthy women practice.

I’m kind of fascinated by this.

Key lime coconut shake. Yum!

Do you wear foundation? You might not need it…

8 exercises you can do with a (super portable!) small Pilates ball.

Gorgeous leather bags, made in San Diego!

IKEA lighting can really be amazing.

For my fellow geeks—fascinating and mildly horrifying.

How to automate and make the most out of your blog.

Also, in case you missed it…

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A House Tour…Before We Go!

IMG_0890I feel so silly that it has taken me this long to do a much-requested house tour. In all honesty, we are currently in escrow on a new home (only a few miles away!) and I snagged these photos from our realtor to have as a special memory of our first home. Better late than never, right? I promise to do a house tour of the new place soon, but until we actually live there, here’s what our current space is like…  Continue Reading →