Postpartum Style Tips (For Mamas Who Are Nursing)

October 21, 2014


When I was pregnant (and naive), I thought the only style consideration I’d have to make once Jack arrived would be finding clothes that were loose fitting around my tummy. Now that I’m nursing my little one, I realize that my tummy is actually not much of an issue at all—but rather the much fuller chest I have for the time being, as well as the need to have access to that chest at all hours of the day to feed the kid.

I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem, so I thought I’d put together a post dedicated to postpartum style—specifically for mamas who are breastfeeding. These are my personal must-haves for comfort, easy access (haha), and style.

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An Easy Trick for Thicker, Fuller Lashes

October 20, 2014


For what feels like forever, I have been on the hunt for the perfect mascara. To me, the ideal tube would need to add just the right amount of volume and length, not clump or flake, not irritate my eyes, and be available in brown.

Every time I think I find the right blend, I find something wrong with it and try something new. While I am yet to find my perfect lash potion, I have recently discovered a little secret that makes any mascara help you get thicker, fuller lashes.

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Weekend Sales

October 18, 2014


With fall in full swing and the holidays around the corner (so crazy!), there are so many sales happening lately that are worth taking advantage of. These are my favorites happening right now, plus a few items I love from each sale at the bottom. Happy shopping!

J.CREW // 30% off select sweaters & outerwear with code SHOPFALL

LOFT // 40% off all sweaters and tops (plus extra 40% off sale styles)

MADEWELL // Extra 30% off sale styles with code PICKMEUP (plus, complimentary monogramming on leather items through October 20th)

ANN TAYLOR // 50% off full-price tops, shoes and accessories with code SHOP50

GAP // 40% off with code SHOP (plus up to 60% off sale)

ANTHROPOLOGIE // 30% off select sweaters, tees and pants

Image via Madewell


Happy Weekend: 10 Links I Love

October 17, 2014


I have to admit, now that we have a baby (and while I’m still physically recovering), my weekends and weekdays look remarkably similar. The key difference, of course, is that Brian is around to help out on Saturdays and Sundays, and I’m so grateful for the quality time we get as a family. No doubt we’ll play several games of Scrabble (our current favorite), enjoy some time in our backyard, and spend a ton of time snuggling with our very squishy little newborn. It’s a simple weekend, but pretty perfect if you ask me. What are you up to this weekend?

1. Instagram and the comparison trap—seriously my favorite blog post I’ve read this month! (The Balanced Life)

2. 10 best homemade donut recipes. (Camille Styles)

3. The gorgeous calf hair ankle boots I got for my birthday! (Sole Society)

4. Chic, no-carve pumpkins. (Brit + Co)

5. How to prepare the perfect cheese board. (Style Me Pretty)

6. A brilliant alternative to a book club. (CUP OF JO)

7. The eye cream that keeps me from looking like a zombie every day. (Sephora)

8. 6 healthy habits to form in your 20s and 30s. (Verily Magazine)

9. A really good idea for hanging frames over your bed. (Pinterest)

10. Why it’s totally okay to be an imperfect hostess. (Darling Magazine)

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6 Fall Essentials

October 16, 2014


Fall is now in full swing, and I confess I’m doing a lot of online shopping lately. As always, I love to invest in classic, mostly neutral pieces that stand the test of time. Below are six items that are perfect for fall—both right now, and in years to come—all of which I’ll be sporting myself this season!
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Year 28

October 15, 2014


Taking in the scenery during our trip to New York on my birthday last year.

Today is my 28th birthday, and I honestly never could’ve imagined my life would look the way it does today. A year ago today I still wasn’t completely sure I’d ever be a mother, and today I have a sweet little person wrapped up tight on my chest, depending on me for love, diaper changes and lots and lots of milk.

In all honesty, this is probably the most anticlimactic birthday I’ve ever had. Since I’m still physically recovering from Jack’s birth, my doctor basically has me on house arrest. Not only does that mean I can’t do my own errands or grocery shopping until November, but it also means that I don’t get to go anywhere to celebrate 28 years of being on this earth.

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Jack’s Birth Story

October 14, 2014


What better way to come back from maternity leave than to share the details of how my little boy made his way into the world? I feel a bit vulnerable sharing this, as there are definitely a lot of opinions out there. God knows I got my share of messages and comments when I shared that I was getting induced! Everyone’s birth story is different and personal (I’d love to hear bits about yours in the comments below!) and I hope that we can all be respectful of each other. Also, if you’re currently pregnant and not into hearing a lot of details about the delivery process, maybe just skip this post ;)

And with that, the story…

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I’m Back!

October 13, 2014


Well, hello there—oh how I’ve missed you!

I’m bringing myself back from maternity leave this week because, while I thought taking a chunk of time away from this blog would be necessary with a newborn, I honestly have had to make a daily effort not to be blogging (hence the new look of the blog, which I absolutely implemented the week after Jack was born).

Surprisingly, I’ve found that I have a ton of time on my hands while the little guy sleeps during the day and have even written several blog post drafts over the last few weeks because I just couldn’t help myself.

I make no promises about how frequently I’ll be posting (maybe more, maybe less than before) over the next month as I ease back into some kind of a work schedule, so bear with me as I adjust to the new pace of blogging and being a mama all at once.

To kick off my return, I’ll be posting Jack’s birth story tomorrow for those of you who have asked or are interested. It’s good to be back!

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I’m Having A Baby! (Like, Right Now)

September 19, 2014

Yep, friends, the time is here! I’m currently at the hospital having a baby, and therefore taking a teensy break from blogging while I savor the new little guy in my life in all his newborn goodness. In an effort to totally disconnect but not leave you hanging, I’ve put together a list of goodies from the archives for you to peruse, enjoy and share while I’m away. (You can also follow me on Instagram to see snippets of my new mama life if you’re interested.)


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The Last Morning

September 18, 2014

photo (17)

Today is the last morning at home, just the two of us. Jack, of course, is kicking like a little ninja in my belly, but we’re still yet to meet him and see his face, which makes us feel like we’re still only a family of two. We got up early because I was too antsy to sleep late, and enjoyed reading and sipping coffee on the couch before taking a walk to the bagel shop. It’s been pretty ideal, honestly.

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Brand Obsession: Old Navy

September 17, 2014


Growing up, Old Navy was always a place I bought inexpensive swimsuits for summer…and pretty much nothing else. The clothes were boxy and oddly put together and just not great overall. But ever since I had the opportunity last year to participate in a collaboration with Old Navy on behalf of the Glitter Guide team, my view on the brand has taken a total 180.

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Crazy for Camo

September 16, 2014

One fall trend that is catching my eye these days is camo. You all know how I feel about that J.Crew Factory camo vest (if not, here’s a hint: I’m obsessed). And since realizing my deep love for that beauty, I uncovered several other camo print pieces that would work well in a fall wardrobe, depending on which level of camo commitment you’re into.

The outerwear and tops are certainly for the bold, but those of you who want to dabble might enjoy trying the flats or baseball hat! (For anyone considering the shoes, I personally own a pair in a different pattern, have had them for several years and am completely obsessed. Well worth the $99 price tag.)


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Would you try fusion coffee?

September 15, 2014


Coffee is without a doubt one of my favorite substances on earth. Before getting pregnant, I was known to drink up to 5 cups a day, black as night. Now, of course, I’ve cut down to one cup of decaf in the morning. But my love for coffee remains. Life would truly be less enjoyable without it.

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Happy Weekend: 10 Links I Love

September 12, 2014


My plans for the weekend? Ideally, I’d like to have a baby. Jack is still holding out and I’m beginning to think we’ll end up having to schedule an induction next week. As my mother-in-law’s doctor told her when she was having one of her kids, “baby come when baby ready.” So true. Regardless of Jack’s plans to enter the world, my parents are coming into town on Sunday, which will be nice! We had to skip our annual trip to New England to visit them this year since I was so pregnant and not interested in making the cross-country trip, so it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen them. If you pray, would you pray for a safe and speedy delivery for me? I know it’s only a matter of days at this point!

Okay, enough about me. How about some fun links for you to check out?

1. Three amazing sandwich recipes. (Camille Styles)

2. 24 things you need to know about the Apple Watch. (Brit + Co.)

3. A moisturizing matte lipstick I’m dying to try for fall. (Ulta)

4. Vegan green goddess dressing. (What’s Gaby Cooking)

5. An adorable interview with J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons. (Man Repeller)

6. So many sandals on sale at Old Navy!!! (Old Navy)

7. A helpful style service my friend Conni is now offering. (Art in the Find)

8. A fun new way to wear your ponytail. (The Beauty Department)

9. Green juice that tastes like lemonade. (Savor Home)

10. How to make a pumpkin spice latte at home. (The Kitchn)


How did your labor start?

September 11, 2014


Now that I’m so close to meeting my baby boy, I can’t stop thinking about how labor will start.

A month ago Brian and I were out to dinner with two couple friends of ours. Caroline’s baby was due in a week and leading up to the dinner we kept joking over text messages about her baby staying put until our dinner date so we wouldn’t have to reschedule. Sure enough, baby stayed put…but only until dessert. As we devoured our sweet treats and decaf espresso beverages, Caroline quickly excused herself to the restroom. I ran after her to make sure she was alright, and sure enough, her water broke! We all paid our bills quickly and wished them good luck, delighted to get a text the next day that mama was doing well and baby Benjamin was healthy. Talk about a perfect going-into-labor story, right?

So for those of you who have kids, I’m wondering—how (or where?) did labor start for you? I’d love to hear you share your stories! (Those of you who don’t have kids, feel free to share about other people’s stories like I just did!)

Photo via Storq


Fall Style Wish List

September 10, 2014


While I know it’ll take a while to be back in my old clothes, being so close to not being pregnant anymore has me dreaming about the abundant style choices in my future. In addition to the pieces I already own and love, there are a few items that are on my wish list as potential purchases for the future.

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The French Girl Look

September 9, 2014


Lately I’m completely into the French girl look—effortless, chic, confident and cool. It all started when I was perusing Pinterest for hair inspiration and got completely captivated with Caroline de Maigret’s signature French style. From there, of course, I made a Pinterest board called F R E N C H G I R L dedicated entirely to the whole look and I am totally captivated.

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September 8, 2014

Maternity Style Inspiration via @natalieborton

I can’t believe it’s the week of my due date and I’ll be meeting Jack any day now, really. Sure, he’ll probably be late, but a girl can dream, right? While most of the time this year has passed at a snail’s pace, I have to say that this third trimester has totally flown by, leaving me in disbelief that I’m so close to having my little guy in my arms! I’m so grateful I’ve had the opportunity to be pregnant, and also so relieved that it’s only a matter of days before I can put it behind me and meet Jack face to face.

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Do or Don’t: Personalized Stationery

September 6, 2014

Now that I’m writing all these thank you notes for baby gifts, I’m thinking a lot about stationery. I always keep a stash of cute, blank notecards (and a pack of stamps!) around the house to make note-writing easier, but whenever I see personalized stationery I sort of wish I had some of my own.

These gold-foiled ones from Minted are so, so pretty (and you know how I feel about GOLD!)…


Bold Brackets Foil-Pressed Personalized Stationery

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