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Mompreneur: Madison Hofmeyer of Espresso and Cream

Mompreneur: Madison Hofmeyer of Espresso and Cream
Today I’m so happy to be interviewing Madison Hofmeyer, a fellow blogger who has become a friend over the years and one I think you all will adore (if you don’t follow and love her already!). She’s the voice behind Espresso and Cream, a Beautycounter consultant, wife to Joe, mom to Ainsley and has baby number two on the way!! She always writes with refreshing vulnerability that I admire, and today she’s letting you all in to her world of the stay-at-home, work-at-home, mompreneur life…  Continue Reading →

11 In style

“The New Long” | My Fall Haircut


I did it. I cut my hair!! The thought of it was scary but once she took the first snip I know I was making the right choice. It feels so much healthier and thicker, which is exactly what I was hoping for. My stylist said she recently attended a class where they called this cut “The New Long” because everyone is doing it and it’s so modern and versatile, so that made me feel even better about it.

Today my stylist Kristin is sharing all of the details on the consult, cut and color that landed me with my new look for fall…  Continue Reading →