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Happy Weekend: 10 Links I Love


Some weeks fly by…this week was not one of them. Last weekend feels like an eternity ago and I’m so glad it’s finally Friday. We have a solid amount of social plans this weekend, which I always love, and in between those plans I’m hoping to make more progress on my online shop. I’d love to have it up and running before the end of the month! What does your weekend look like?

In the midst of my craziness, I still managed to find a bunch of share-worthy links. Clearly I procrastinate by perusing the interwebs, haha…

1. How do to the “strobing” makeup technique—I tried it and it is both so easy and so worth doing. Instant glowing skin! (Glitter Guide)

2. Would you ever do a family gap year? (Telegraph)

3. 3 steps to overcoming overwhelm. (Emily Ley)

4. Another reason to love Netflix. (Washington Post)

5. How to write a condolence note. (Cup of Jo)

6. A pair of boyfriend shorts I ordered this week—inspired by this blogger. (Shopbop)

7. Love this “I’ve got it together” notepad series. (Jack and Ella Paper)

8. A really flattering high-waisted bikini bottom. (Urban Outfitters)

9. 5 habits of people with remarkable willpower. (Inc)

10. How to keep your indoor plants alive. (The Everygirl)

Image via The Everygirl

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