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I created the Choose Beauty Linkup as a way for us to start thinking deeper and communicating about what beauty really is. Though “beauty” has become synonymous with physical appearance, makeup, hair, anti-aging products and the like, beauty doesn’t really have to do with those things.

Back in December 2011, I did an article for the Darling Magazine blog called Healthy Girl Talk: Redefining Beauty. It was a piece on body image and ways that we as women can help redefine beauty in the world around us through our words and actions. That post paved the way for a series called The Character of Beauty—a six-article series briefly covering character qualities that I felt were what made up the foundation of radiant, true beauty: kindness, joy, compassion, love, generosity and confidence.

When I think of the beauty I want in my life, I still think of those very things. And when I think of choosing beauty, I think about going that extra mile and putting in that effort each and every day to reflect those qualities to those we encounter—whether at the office, at the grocery store or in our families.

Because the reality is, it’s always going to be tempting to seek false beauty through our hair, makeup, and clothes. And the challenge in our culture is to dig deeper and be different. Is there anything wrong with loving fashion or wearing makeup? No (well, I sure hope not—because I’m totally into developing and having fun with personal style!) But what I’m saying here is that those things are very different from what beauty is. Beauty is more than what we look like on the outside—it’s something that radiates outward as a result of who we are and how we act. It’s more than a pretty face or a nice outfit. It’s who we are, who we’re becoming and how we interact with the world around us.

In the coming weeks through this series, I plan to share about body image, quotes that inspire me to live a life of true beauty, dealing with insecurity about physical appearance and more. Stay tuned—and definitely join in on the linkup!!

What does beauty mean to you?

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