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Sunday Sessions: To The Mothers In My Life

Wishing the happiest Mother’s Day to all of the moms in my life—my momma, my dear mother-in-law, both of my grandmothers, and each and every one of my pregnant and new-mom friends—pictured and not pictured. You are all such true beauties, living out selflessness and kindness each day and I love you for it!!

My mother-in-law, hubby and me at Thanksgiving last year.

Grandma (my dad’s mom) and me at a fun concert by the sea.

Memere (my mom’s mom) and me last summer.

Lindsey, me, and her new baby Ella.

In Del Mar with Ashton and little Blakely Elizabeth (due this summer)!

In Hawaii with Jess and little Ellie (also due this summer)!

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day today?

Top image is of my mom and me at a women’s Christmas dessert night

P.S. To all the moms who have lost a child (or those of you who have friends who have), I recommend reading You Are Not Forgotten on Darling’s website today.

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