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Well Done, American Eagle

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Emlyn sent me a hilarious video from American Eagle featuring their newest skinny jean—the Skinny Skinny…

After watching it in disbelief, I felt certain it was a joke—but why before April 1st? What was AE up to? Lucky for me, they followed through today, giving a solid finish to my favorite April Fools’ prank of this year…

The best part of the prank? They’re giving us all $10 off any real pair of AE jeans for being good sports. How great is that? (If you need a recommendation, I wear their jeggings and love them!)

I’d love to hear more good pranks you’ve seen today—either in person, or on the internet. Do share!

P.S. Unfortunately this trend for men was no joke—but equally strange!

Image via American Eagle Outfitters

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