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sunday sessions: today is the day

This is a previously written post that I’ve scheduled to share with you while I’m on my Christmas vacation. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, friends! Be back January 3rd :)

Did anything come to mind when you read those words? For me, it’s discipline. I’ve talked about it here before, but it seems to still be lacking in my life. While I used to be highly disciplined, I took advantage of it and abused it, becoming a slave to control.

My past discipline haunts me, yet it cannot be an excuse to lack it in my life today. It is a necessary quality for productivity, health and personal growth in general. The definition of discipline is essentially being able to make yourself do something you don’t want to do. It sounds simple, but it really isn’t when put into action!

For you, something totally different may have come to mind when you read the words today is the day: applying for that dream job or for grad school, calling a friend you’ve been meaning to connect with again, forgiving someone you’re holding a grudge against. Whatever it is, let’s make today the day that we do those things. Let’s stop procrastinating and start doing.

No more waiting. Today is the day that we take one more step toward becoming the women we’re capable of being.

What will you do today that you’ve been putting off for too long?

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