Live Well – Thoughts By Natalie Style, motherhood, wellness + life. Fri, 13 May 2016 12:00:05 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Live Well: Leisure Reading Sat, 29 Aug 2015 21:03:24 +0000 One thing I don’t make enough time for is reading for leisure. I do read a bunch of articles and blog posts, but by the end of every month (i.e. right now) I’m scrambling to read through the last half of our book club pick because I never set aside intentional time to read it. So, this week’s challenge is all about taking time to read. Whether you read one of our book club books, or something you’re already working on, create space in your schedule to actually flip some pages and make progress on it. I think I’m going to save some time before bed, since that feels the most natural to me and probably will work best with my schedule. Who’s in? (Also, share what book you’re reading!!)]]> 11 Live Well: Unplugged Evenings Sun, 23 Aug 2015 23:49:07 +0000 I have a confession: I’m totally addicted to checking my phone! I know this isn’t a rare phenomenon, but it’s a habit I really hate and would love to break. Since I don’t have a ton of boundaries between my work and my home life, I justify checking social media regularly as a way to stay on top of work things—but, the reality is, I end up feeling really tired even after what should’ve been a restful evening at home, and my husband ends up getting the short end of the stick because I’m not fully present when he’s home. So, this week I’m going to be unplugging after I put Jack to bed and enjoy technology-free evenings at home. I think it’s finally time to break this terrible habit! What do you think—you in? P.S. Have any of you continued the other challenges? I am still mostly drinking 2-3L of water a day, and I totally meal planned today. Hooray! Image via Death to the Stock Photo]]> 7 Live Well: Meal Planning Sat, 15 Aug 2015 12:00:11 +0000 How did last week go? Feeling more hydrated? I certainly am! And I think those 5 intentional days were just the kickstart I needed to get back into the habit of proper hydration. Hooray! Inspired by this pretty notepad I got recently, this week’s goal is all about meal planning! If you read the post last week about my feelings on the subject, you know that this is an area I’m really wanting to work on. Cooking is hard enough, and I always feel like I’m wasting food when I go to the store and forget what I meant to make. Thus…making a plan for the week and sticking to it! To ensure that I do this right, I’ll be spending a little time today or tomorrow on Pinterest, in my cookbooks, etc. getting inspiration and ideas for the week, and plan to do my grocery shopping on Monday as usual—only buying what I’ve planned to, of course! I am so curious how I’m going to feel at the end of the week. Who’s in?]]> 1 Live Well: Drink More Water Sat, 08 Aug 2015 19:00:08 +0000 Fact about me: I’m obsessed with self-improvement and life optimization (hence my love for non-fiction “self help” books!). While I am definitely capable of contentment (and feel rather content most of the time) I love thinking about how something in my life could be done better or more effectively. With that in mind—and the words from this book still swirling around in my brain—I had an idea that I hope will appeal to you gals. It’s simple—small, achievable, one-week challenges that help us live better, healthier, happier lives. My vision is that a new goal will be posted on the weekend and we’ll begin on a Monday, spending 5 days doing whatever the challenge is, and having the weekend following to reflect and assess if it’s something to continue doing because it makes us feel better, or something to chalk up as an experiment and leave behind. I was tempted to make this a 30-day thing, but really, even that seems like a long time! Anyone can do something tough for 5 days, right? And of course, as I said, if it’s something that is helping us to live well and we’re feeling awesome as a result, then we’ll have […]]]> 7