jack’s picks – Thoughts By Natalie https://thoughtsbynatalie.com Style, motherhood, wellness + life. Fri, 13 Jan 2017 16:28:34 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.1 Jack’s Picks: Of One Sea https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/02/jacks-picks-of-one-sea.html https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/02/jacks-picks-of-one-sea.html#respond Thu, 04 Feb 2016 17:01:20 +0000 https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/?p=14518 A little while back I discovered the cutest little surf brand for kids (and adults, actually) called Of One Sea and I just adore all of their stuff! They are a unity-inspired surf and lifestyle brand based on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawai’i, and based on all of their pieces it’s clear they are inspired by the laid-back, natural Hawaiian life. A couple of months ago they sent us a super soft v-neck for Jack to wear and now that he’s wearing 2T it is one of my favorite shirts of his. A few other pieces I have my eye on? These wave leggings, this hoodie, and these adorable little swim trunks. Be sure to check them out for your little ones!]]> https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/02/jacks-picks-of-one-sea.html/feed 0 Jack’s Picks: 3 Baby Boy Outfits https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/01/jacks-picks-3-baby-boy-outfits.html https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/01/jacks-picks-3-baby-boy-outfits.html#comments Wed, 06 Jan 2016 13:00:35 +0000 https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/?p=14156 Okay, okay—Jack can’t pick out his own clothes yet. But considering that I always dress him in soft, comfy clothes I think it’s safe to say he’s 100% on board with the current situation. One product we’ve used a ton since he was little is bandana bibs. I first discovered them when a stylist friend of mine had her baby boy in one and I was totally hooked. Made of absorbent soft cotton, these Copper Pearl ones are both functional and adorable. Drool gets absorbed and the outfit looks complete. Win-win if you ask me. A lot of you have asked to see more of the type of outfits I dress Jack in so today I’m obliging you and giving you 3 baby boy outfits that Jack wears on repeat lately. Paired with cute bibs for drooly teething days, of course (we have the Cruise Set). OUTFIT #1: Modern Camo Gap Jacket, H&M Hat, Copper Pearl Bib, J.Crew Shirt, H&M Jeans  OUTFIT #2: True Blue Gap Cardigan, Carter’s Onesie, Copper Pearl Bib, Gap Pants OUTFIT #3: All American Boy Gap Hat, H&M Shirt, Copper Pearl Bib, H&M Sweats Love these bibs as much as we do? Good news: swing by Instagram to enter […]]]> https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/01/jacks-picks-3-baby-boy-outfits.html/feed 2 Jack’s Picks: UPPAbaby VISTA 2015 https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2015/12/jacks-picks-uppababy-vista-2015.html https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2015/12/jacks-picks-uppababy-vista-2015.html#comments Thu, 17 Dec 2015 23:25:31 +0000 https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/?p=13757 UPPAbaby VISTA 2015 Stroller (c/o), H&M Shirt, Madewell Jeans, Sam & Libby Boots (and similar), Madewell Bag   Hey mamas, can we talk strollers for a minute? We recently have had the chance to check out the 2015 UPPAbaby VISTA and can I just tell you…IT IS THE BEST STROLLER IN THE WHOLE WORLD! That maybe could be construed as hyperbole, but I am being 100% honest with you. I. Am. Ob. Sessed. And today (along with all of these fun photos we snapped around Encinitas) I’m going to tell you why. First things first, what I love most about the VISTA is its adaptability. The VISTA is a total dream in its single mode, but one of the main reasons I’m super stoked on it is because of how easily it can be adapted for 2 or even 3 kids. While having one child is absolutely “enough” for me, we’ve talked about having a second baby one day and I really love that the stroller we already have will work if that comes to fruition. The bassinet is actually included and is approved for sleep. You can even buy a stand to use it as a co-sleeper to keep your new baby near […]]]> https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2015/12/jacks-picks-uppababy-vista-2015.html/feed 10 Jack’s Picks: Estella NYC Knits https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2015/06/jacks-picks-estella-nyc-knits.html https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2015/06/jacks-picks-estella-nyc-knits.html#respond Wed, 01 Jul 2015 03:14:03 +0000 https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/?p=10888 I definitely have a soft spot for knit and wooden baby toys. They feel so classic and timeless—and it doesn’t hurt that they’re easy on the eyes. Hands down, our all-time favorite knit baby goodies have come from Estella NYC. They’ve been so generous to send over a few things for Jack to test out over the course of his young life, and I just had to share about them for this series because he uses them every single day. The little blankey is his favorite because he uses it as a lovey to sleep with at naps and bedtime—something they recommended in our go-to sleep book, The Happy Sleeper. The pretzel rattle, which is probably my personal favorite, makes the softest little jingle sound when you shake it and is super easy for tiny hands to grab onto. It just cracks me up whenever he holds it and gnaws on it, like he’s chowing down on a salty snack :) Lastly, the super elephant doll (we also have the super polar bear!). They’re squishy, easy to wash and fun to chew on for little babes. Jack is obsessed with the elephant’s nose! It’s always wet from being chomped on, […]]]> https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2015/06/jacks-picks-estella-nyc-knits.html/feed 0 Jack’s Picks: Stance Socks https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2015/03/jacks-picks-stance-socks.html https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2015/03/jacks-picks-stance-socks.html#respond Wed, 25 Mar 2015 12:00:53 +0000 https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/?p=9088 Baby socks are probably the cutest thing about babies besides the babies themselves…can we all agree on that? Even before I had a child of my own, I’d see a baby sock in the store and my heart would just want to explode. They. Are. Adorable. And these ones from Stance are no exception. They’re cozy and warm and make Jack feel like quite the stylish little dude. He’s wearing our favorite pair—the stripes and camo—but the American flag ones definitely come in a close second. These are available in baby and toddler sizes for both boys and girls. Jack is wearing the baby socks in these photos, but the socks in the box are size 1-2 so he can grow into them :) (These socks were provided by Stance, and we were fans before we got them! Thanks for supporting the brands that make Thoughts By Natalie possible.)]]> https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2015/03/jacks-picks-stance-socks.html/feed 0 Jack’s Picks: Our 3 Favorite Baby Carriers https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2015/03/jacks-picks-our-3-favorite-baby-carriers.html https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2015/03/jacks-picks-our-3-favorite-baby-carriers.html#comments Tue, 10 Mar 2015 23:52:38 +0000 https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/?p=8860 While Jack does his fair share of wiggling and rolling around, he is always content to snuggle with his mama—one of my favorite things about him! I love to have his squishy body cozied up to mine, so of course baby carriers have played a huge role in these first six months of his young life. Since we use a few different ones, I thought I’d consolidate and do a post on the three different ones we’re using and also explain how each one is great for different purposes. SOLLY BABY WRAP If you’ve been following for a while, you know my affection for Solly Baby runs deep. This is by far my favorite carrier of all time!! Soft, easy to toss in a diaper bag, and available in beautiful colors and patterns that keep you feeling stylish in the postpartum days, I’m devastated that Jack is about to grow out of them. We have used the Solly Baby wraps more than any other carrier during these first six months and as a result, it’s become a go-to gift for me to give to friend who are expecting. A lot of people are intimidated by wrapping, but they have awesome […]]]> https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2015/03/jacks-picks-our-3-favorite-baby-carriers.html/feed 2 Jack’s Picks: Freshly Picked Moccasins https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2015/02/jacks-picks-freshly-picked-moccasins.html https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2015/02/jacks-picks-freshly-picked-moccasins.html#comments Thu, 12 Feb 2015 13:00:30 +0000 https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/?p=8315 New mini-series, peeps: Jack’s picks! As Jack grows and we discover toys and baby goodies that he (and I) love, I’m going to share the wealth and let you in on our favorite stuff. Sound fun? I sure hope so. To kick things off, I want to chat about Jack’s favorite shoes: Freshly Picked moccasins. I’ve been a fan of Freshly Picked since the moment I first saw Susan Petersen pitching her adorable little baby moccasins on Shark Tank. And now that I actually have a baby who needs his feet covered, I can say I love the brand even more. Since I’m obsessed with neutrals, Jack has been wearing the weathered brown moccasins for the past couple of months and he’s definitely a fan. Most notably, these mocs actually stay on his wiggly little toes, and that is a major win in my book. (Freshly Picked sent me these moccasins for review—and I love them! So I wrote about them :) All thoughts and words are my own.)]]> https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2015/02/jacks-picks-freshly-picked-moccasins.html/feed 2