happy weekend – Thoughts By Natalie https://thoughtsbynatalie.com Style, motherhood, wellness + life. Fri, 13 Jan 2017 16:28:34 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.1 Happy Weekend: What I Loved This Week https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2017/01/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-38.html https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2017/01/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-38.html#respond Fri, 13 Jan 2017 16:28:31 +0000 https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/?p=18336 Hey friends! Still sick over here. I went to the doctor and she said it’s just a nasty cold that’s going around that can last up to 4 weeks. Ugh. Many of you have messaged me to say you have it too, and I’m so sorry we’re all in the same boat. Here’s hoping this next week is when we finally get healthy! Until then, some reading material… Veggie brown rice sushi you can make at home. How to make your minimalist home feel inviting. Tips for blending hair extensions into a blunt haircut. 5 minute curls. A quick Pilates workout I’m trying this week. I love these trousers. What do you think? Coming soon at Everlane—my wish list is getting longer! Inspiration for decorating my office.]]> https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2017/01/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-38.html/feed 0 Happy Weekend: What I Loved This Week https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2017/01/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-37.html https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2017/01/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-37.html#respond Fri, 06 Jan 2017 16:56:47 +0000 https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2017/01/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-37.html I’ve officially been sick for the entire first week of the new year! The only real benefit has been that it’s forced me to slow down and do nothing that can’t be done from the comfort of my living room. I’ve been reading A TON (mostly notably Shauna Niequist’s Present Over Perfect and The Editors of Goop’s Goop Clean Beauty) and eating more vegetables that I have in years in hopes of boosting my immune system. So although I wish I wasn’t a phlegm machine right now, I do appreciate that sickness has already started to force me into some solid self-care habits. Anyway, here are some favorite things I’ve read over the course of my sick week. Hope you’re feeling better than I am! Why time management is ruining our lives. Curious about this ginger & turmeric latte.  Caroline’s 2016 style reflections. Define your style in 5 simple steps.  Sweet potato crostinis—need to try!! Gwyneth’s one day menu for amazing skin. Chip’s New Year revelation. Clean sleep is the new clean eating.]]> https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2017/01/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-37.html/feed 0 Happy Weekend: What I Loved This Week https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/12/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-36.html https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/12/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-36.html#respond Fri, 16 Dec 2016 13:00:06 +0000 https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/?p=18161 See you Saturday?! How to inspire kids to play on their own. What is French beauty? 10 minute cheese platter (I want to eat this right now!!) How to motivate yourself to workout. The easiest way to clean out your closet. This bikini top is definitely on my wish list. How to keep your sweaters looking good this winter. Gwyneth’s newest book. Why Natalie Portman is vegan. I need this sweatshirt. Also, in case you missed it… A Meaningful (and Beautiful) Gift Idea for Caregivers (and tons of other gift ideas) Juicero (aka, the Keurig of juicers!) Faux Fur Stole and the Paige Tassel Necklace Windowpane Flannel (and Madewell + Natalie Borton Pop-Up Shop!) The Year of Self-Care I’m in an ad in People Magazine this week ;)]]> https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/12/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-36.html/feed 0 Happy Weekend: What I Loved This Week https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/11/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-35.html https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/11/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-35.html#comments Fri, 18 Nov 2016 13:00:13 +0000 https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/?p=17850 It’s time to order Christmas cards! Artifact Uprising gifted us a set that I’m obsessed with, and I also love the designs from Minted and if you’re really looking to save some time, be sure to check out the options from Postable. The Indie Holidays station on Pandora—best mix of Christmas music ever. 20 easy things you can do to improve your health right now. If politicians had man buns. Vegetarian Thanksgiving dishes meat eaters will love. A drapey top I have my eye on right now. Also, in case you missed it… New, New, New: The Shop is Stocked for Christmas! The Easiest Way to Make Photo Books Brow Microblading: The Procedure 3 Easy Hostess Gifts 16 Sale Favorites at Old Navy And my latest for Glitter Guide, 8 Companies We Love That Are Giving Back]]> https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/11/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-35.html/feed 1 Happy Weekend: What I Loved This Week https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/11/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-34.html https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/11/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-34.html#comments Fri, 04 Nov 2016 12:00:20 +0000 https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/?p=17721 Have a minute? I’d love to get your input! And also give you a chance to win a necklace from my shop ;) Parenthood and entrepreneurship: yes you can. Two things I want for fall: this top, and this sweater coat. 9 former gang members see photos of themselves without tattoos for the first time. Do or don’t: bullet journaling. 5 ways to organize your digital life. Definitely want to do something like this in our new house! Sourdough salad pizza—yum! Websites for when you’re feeling low on inspiration (thanks, Conni, for including me in the roundup!) And lastly, I’m getting my eyebrows microbladed this weekend!! Be sure to follow my story on Instagram for behind the scenes peeks! Also, in case you missed it… I shared a couple of style tips this week on Verily Magazine! I need a favor (and am giving you a chance to win a necklace!) My current favorite swimsuit A little masculine, a little feminine (aka that perfect mix!) Trying things on at Madewell last month]]> https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/11/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-34.html/feed 1 Happy Weekend: What I Loved This Week https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/10/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-33.html https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/10/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-33.html#respond Fri, 07 Oct 2016 12:00:13 +0000 https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/?p=17450 ^^A little peek at the pumpkin and succulent situation currently happening on my front steps :) No, not everyone wants to be young. “How banning screen time changed my parenting style” One-pan salmon, four ways. How to build an impressive cheese plate. Need this dry volume spray in my life!! How to decorate with neutral colors without being boring. What parents of successful entrepreneurs have in common. Pretty, lived-in waves. Also, in case you missed it… My Simplicity Series interview on the Emily Ley blog A simple backyard golden hour look One year of business—thoughts, reflections and plans 6 must-have fall flats from Target    ]]> https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/10/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-33.html/feed 0 Happy Weekend: What I Loved This Week https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/09/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-32.html https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/09/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-32.html#respond Fri, 16 Sep 2016 12:00:54 +0000 https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/?p=17249 5 key elements of a well-organized pantry. Some very legit mom style. How to take a great photo, according to photographers. 20 things you can do to improve your life. How to meal prep in 30 minutes or less. 11 reasons you should drink coffee every day. Simple hacks to make your life easier. P.S. Jack’s birth story (he turns 2 on Monday!!)  ]]> https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/09/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-32.html/feed 0 Happy Weekend: What I Loved This Week https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/08/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-29.html https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/08/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-29.html#comments Fri, 12 Aug 2016 12:00:21 +0000 https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/?p=16949 8 ways to bring more joy into your home. This stage of life? It’s hard. (And also the best thing ever.) I need these mugs!! 15 reasons to use apple cider vinegar every day. A mother’s body. Tofu Banh Mi sandwich. Neeeeed to make this. So many good memories of banana bread with my mom, too! Presence and the Imposter Syndrome. How to raise brilliant children, according to science.]]> https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/08/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-29.html/feed 6 Happy Weekend: What I Loved This Week https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/08/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-28.html https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/08/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-28.html#respond Sat, 06 Aug 2016 14:34:33 +0000 https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/?p=16868 An old one but a good one, (and a lighthearted take on a serious issue!). The follow-up is highly entertaining as well. Ruffle bottom button downs? I may need to give them a try. Tomato feta salad. 10 tips for family friendly design. One secret to having more time this summer. Drop the mic. 9 non-threatening leadership strategies for women (ha!) A brilliant way to hide cords. Also, in case you missed it… A peek at my Popsugar Must Have x CFDA box Legit Mom Style: No-Fail Summer Outfit How to Style the Madewell Island Skirt Legit Mom Style // No. 13]]> https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/08/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-28.html/feed 0 Happy Weekend: What I Loved This Week https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/07/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-27.html https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/07/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-27.html#respond Sat, 30 Jul 2016 02:48:16 +0000 https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/?p=16820 I am so addicted to TED Talks. I recently loved this one on the habits of original thinkers and this one on why schools kill creativity. The incalculable value of finding a job you love. How to use Snapchat—once you learn, find me at natalie.borton ;) Annapolis & Company is back!! Is seltzer bad for you?! Also, in case you missed it… All of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks so far Le Diaper (and Thoughts on Minimalist Motherhood) Two New Camille Styles]]> https://thoughtsbynatalie.com/2016/07/happy-weekend-what-i-loved-this-week-27.html/feed 0