Thoughts By Natalie » beach waves honest talk about beauty, style, wellness and life Mon, 14 Jul 2014 13:43:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Easy Everyday Beach Waves Tue, 18 Mar 2014 17:59:59 +0000 Over the past few years, I’ve realized a few things about myself hair-wise: 1) I love having long hair, 2) I look better with bangs, and 3) wavy hair is my thing, straight hair is not. So of course, I’ve been in a constant state of experiment, attempting to discover the easiest way to get everyday, beach-inspired waves with minimal damage. I’ve previously posted about this, but as I’ve late, I’ve made some amendments to my strategy, which of course I plan on sharing with you today. GET THE RIGHT CUT I cannot emphasize enough how important the right haircut is. I used to think that all I needed was long wavy hair, but as it turns out, layers are what makes the magic happen. With the right layering, you can promote your hair’s natural wave patterns, giving yourself much less work on the styling side of things each day. Ideally, you’re looking for long layers, but the easiest thing to do (assuming you have a trustworthy stylist—something every girl needs!) is to tell your stylist the look your going for, letting him or her know that you want a cut that promotes natural waves, and if possible, allows you ...]]> 6 5 Ways To Get Loose Waves Thu, 04 Apr 2013 12:00:00 +0000 Below is an article I did for Glitter Guide this week, featuring five different ways to style your hair with loose waves! Scroll down to read it in full, and check out the original on Glitter Guide’s website. One style we can’t get enough of is loose waves (just one look at the J.Crew catalog and you know what we’re talking about!). Timelessly beautiful, it’s an easy-going, undone and effortless look that’s never out of style. Since few people naturally have hair that forms perfectly soft waves, we’re sharing several different (and easy) ways for you to achieve this look. Braids & Blow Dryer For those of you with fine hair, The Beauty Department has a great tutorial for getting barely there waves that look totally natural. All you need is a little mousse and a blow dryer! Hot Rollers If volume and bounce are what you’re after, hot rollers should be your new best friend. They’re easy to use, plus you’ll get a little extra time to savor your morning and sip your coffee while you let them set. A win-win! Overnight Headband Curls Short on time in the morning? With a little prep the night before, you can ...]]> 1 Blunt Bangs & Soft Waves Wed, 27 Mar 2013 12:00:00 +0000 If you read my beach waves post last week, you got a sneak peek at a look I can’t get enough of lately… Blunt bangs and soft waves are contradictory in the best way. I think that’s why the work, in fact. I just love the contrast and think the bangs add just enough structure to messy, beachy waves. Don’t you? I have a cut and color appointment scheduled on April 9th, and I’m seriously considering swapping my long side bangs for more bold blunt bangs. These are the looks that are inspiring me at the moment… What do you think of the look? Love it or hate it? P.S. How to dry heavy bangs, via The Beauty Department… Images found via Pinterest]]> 0 beach waves must-haves Fri, 22 Mar 2013 12:00:00 +0000 I recently was asked about the products I use for my hair, so I thought I’d put together a little post about it in case any of you are hoping to get the messy, beachy, sort of tangly but in a good way look ;) Here are my secrets for making hair magic happen every single day… The Haircut Successfully sporting wavy hair has a lot to do with getting the right haircut. I haven’t blow dried my hair (other than my bangs) in almost two years, and I owe that entirely to showing up at the salon with air dried hair. This allows the stylist to see the way hair settles naturally, enabling her to cut it in the most flattering way. San Diego ladies—I highly recommend Detour in Encinitas. Go to Megan and tell her I sent you ;) The Color Though I was born a blondie, I turned into an adult brunette. Until, that is, the day I decided to go back to my roots and become a blonde again. I’m not saying that you need to be blonde to have beachy hair—but rather, that color of some kind really helps add necessary dimension to wavy hair. ...]]> 0