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1 In life

Happy Weekend: What I Loved This Week


A summer Pilates + nutrition program my friend Robin created—early bird discount ends today!

I want one of these in every room in my house! (The brand’s Instagram is funny, too.)

Discovering the joy of single-tasking.

A fascinating essay on white wall decorating. (For the record, I’m on team white walls!)

How Jenna Kutcher leveraged Instagram to build her 6-figure business.

Loving this girl’s style.

This makes me want to book a vacation ASAP!

Cute, comfy (striped!) dress for summer.

Another reason why avocados are amazing.

An easy trick to getting those lived-in (but still really pretty) waves.

The reason I started drinking spearmint tea!

Also, in case you missed it…

(Photo taken by Brian on our trip to Massachusetts last summer. Can’t wait to be back there next month!!)

20 In life

The Stretch


I’m tired. So very tired. This week, along with so many weeks before it, I’m feeling the stretch. The stretch in a million directions that all moms feel no doubt. So many things to do—that I want to do, enjoy doing, get excited about doing—and literally not enough time in the day/week/month to do it all. Add a few health issues into the mix (minor enough to not be “concerning,” but major enough to annoy me and kill my old habit of running daily), and I’m an endorphin-deprived, tired, overworked mompreneur. I have never been more thankful for under-eye concealer, coffee and hats to hide my severely underwashed hair.  Continue Reading →

6 In motherhood

Mompreneur: Mary Beth Johnson of Rosemary Wild


Mary Beth is someone who I don’t know in “real life” but 100% refer to as “my friend Mary Beth” when I mention her to someone. She is a soul sister thanks to the beautiful connectedness of the internet, and also happens to be an amazing mompreneur tackling writing, photography, and even an upcoming children’s clothing line, which I cannot wait to share about once it launches. Today she’s sharing how she makes it all work while balancing marriage and raising her four (yes, FOUR) beautiful kiddos. Continue Reading →