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Mompreneur: Photographer, Blogger + MFT Chrissy Powers

Mompreneur: Photographer, Blogger + MFT Chrissy Powers | Thoughts by Natalie

Chrissy and I first met a few years at our local Costco after church one morning. I was shopping with Brian and she was with her husband and adorable son Waylon. She came right up to me to tell me she followed my blog and that we went to the same church and that she just wanted to say hello. It literally made my month—how much fun is it for someone to say that they read the stuff you put out there on the Internet?! But more than that, it sparked a true friendship that I am so grateful for. Chrissy is a soulful, talented mom of two who has been entrepreneurial for as long as she can remember. (She also has a gorgeous Instagram account you all need to follow!) Today she shares how she balances work and family and why it’s important to let yourself fail every once in a while.  Continue Reading →

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Happy Weekend: What I Loved This Week


I need to make all of these tacos, stat!

11 uses for witch hazel—fascinating.

In praise of “scruffy hospitality.”

Everything you need to know about inflammation.

A simple trick to hide your bobby pins.

“…Motherhood is like the ultimate abroad trip. We move into a wholly different space, and it changes us; it reshapes every element of our being. I’m different, and dare I say better, because of this whole motherhood thing.” —Coffee + Crumbs

What women can do to bust the myth that we don’t support each other.

How to avoid raising a narcissist.

Also, in case you missed it…

(Photo taken last summer in Massachusetts, which is where we’re spending the 4th of July this year! Follow along on Instagram and Snapchat—natalie.borton—for peeks at our trip.)

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Shop My Snaps with Emoticode


First of all, you’re probably thinking…whaaaaaat on earth is an emoticode and why do I care about it?! Basically, it makes it possible to share products and informational URLs on Snapchat and Instagram, streamlining the ability to find information more quickly and efficiently!

Some of you may already have noticed other people posting things with the Ghost & Rocket emojis and wondered what they do. Whenever I post something on Snapchat or Instagram with the Ghost & Rocket emojis(like the Snaps above), you can take a screen shot and upload it onto the Emoticode app to uncover a link to the product or other information. Easy peasy—here’s all you need to know to get started:

Step 1: Download the Emoticode App on the App Store
Step 2: Screenshot any Snap or Instagram with the Ghost & Rocket emojis
Step 3: Open the Emoticode App and Upload the screenshot. The link will automatically appear and you can follow it.

What do you think? Do you like this idea or no? Let me know if you have any questions!

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The Marisa Necklace

FullSizeRender 37

Those of you who were devastated our Dylan Necklace sold out quickly will be happy to meet Marisa! A neutral and eclectic necklace featuring an antique gold-plated pewter round pendant and a mix of wood, metallic and white details, the pendant sits on our signature long 32″ matte gold-plated chain. Here’s a peek at how I styled it recently (blog post to come)!

Bonus: it comes with free shipping ;)


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