Thoughts By Natalie » Lauren Tien honest talk about beauty, style, wellness and life Thu, 10 Jul 2014 18:23:53 +0000 en-US hourly 1 DIY Gold and Berry Red Anthropologie-Inspired Necklace Wed, 18 Dec 2013 13:00:42 +0000 This time of year means lots of parties, gatherings, and reasons to sparkle. And just as Natalie loves sequins and a pop of metallic, so do I! Especially pairing gold with anything and everything this season. When I saw this necklace mixing berry red and gold at Anthropologie months ago, I couldn’t shake the inspiration. And so, as many DIYs go, I set out to see if I could recreate the look for less, hoping to wear a handmade pop of shine this holiday season. (And if you don’t fancy red, this necklace would be pretty in any color, really!) What You’ll Need 21-25 wooden beads (an even amount for the painted portion of the necklace + one unpainted bead as a fastener) Waxed cotton thread, 20-30 inches in length Red Acrylic Paint Gold metallic acrylic paint, gold nail-polish, or a gold sharpie oil paint pen Flat work surface and paper to protect it from paint mess Paint brushes (a thin brush for the gold detailing) Scissors STEP EIGHT: To get the length of your necklace just so, before tying on your wooden bead closure, hold the necklace up to your neck and test it out for length. Pinch your ...]]> 2 Metallic Tipped Pine Cone Garland Sat, 14 Dec 2013 13:00:35 +0000 I love this DIY because you really aren’t limited to using paint. Sharpie makes these great oil based paint pens in gold, silver, and copper, which are another option for making your adorable metallic garland, if you want to go sans paint and brush. MATERIALS Pine Cones (Tip: Gather then from the outdoors or if you are a city dweller with no pinecones in sight, Whole Foods sells cinnamon scented pine cones, and these add that seasonal aroma all throughout the room the garland hangs. Mmm!) Metallic Acrylic Paint and Paint Brush OR Sharpie Metallic Paint Pen, in gold or silver. Flat drying surface Yarn, Twine, or Ribbon HOW TO Step 1 Paint on your metallic gold or silver onto one side of the pinecone. For a dipped look (as shown), only paint about half way, from tip to the middle of the pine cone. Do this to all of your pinecones, and allow them to dry before rotating and painting the other side. Step 2 Cut your yarn, twine, or ribbon to size. The length of your twine depends on how long you’d like your garland to be. Do you have lots of pinecones? Cut it extra long. Are ...]]> 8 DIY Burlap Wreath Mon, 09 Dec 2013 19:14:47 +0000 MATERIALS Wreath base Burlap, fabric, or brown paper bags Scissors Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks Ribbon or lace for hanging your wreath HOW TO Step 1 Using your scissors, cut out leaf shapes from your burlap (or from your brown paper bags or fabric if this is the material you chose for your wreath). The leaf shapes can range from 1″-3″ and should be more oblong in shape. The size and thickness of your wreath base will determine the amount of burlap or fabric leaves that you need. Step 2 Starting on the outer part of the wreath base, hot glue a leaf shaped piece in place. Secure your burlap with a pea sized amount from your glue gun. As you glue and layer on more “leaves”, they will stay securely in place. Repeat this step, glueing leaves onto the outer part of your wreath, and slightly overlapping the fabric pieces as you glue each piece. Step 3 Begin layering on more pieces. Glue your “leaves” working from the outer part of the wreath base to the inner part. Focus on small sections at a time. Layer the fabric pieces gradually so that a portion of the leaves ...]]> 10 8 Ways You Can Give To A Women’s Homeless Shelter Tue, 22 Oct 2013 19:20:15 +0000 The following is a guest post by my friend Lauren, who blogs at Pearls Poppies Pinkies Up. I hope you are as inspired by this post as I am—what a powerful example of true beauty Lauren is through her kind heart and service to women who have no place to call home. Over and over, I am reminded of this reality: Our world is fleeting. Unlike me, there are woman who lack the privilege to choose from a closet full of clothes when deciding what to wear. They do not have a full pantry, where come breakfast, are faced with the choice between oatmeal or peanut butter toast. There are women who do not get to choose between hitting snooze or waking up early to go on a run. You see, there are woman (women just like you, and just like me, with personalities, passions, and working hearts and minds) who wear one outfit each day with hopes that maybe, just maybe, they’ll get to wash it in a shelter sink that night. There are women, who are given breakfast bags and food despite whether they like it or not. And women who, upon waking up when the sun rises ...]]> 10 Raised Garden Bed DIY Sat, 29 Jun 2013 19:00:00 +0000 I am sure you have dreamt of straight from the vine juicy red tomatoes, fresh picked herbs for your made from scratch pizza, strawberries within view from your back window, and all the other delicious perks of having your very own garden. With Natalie’s posts on whole and natural eating, and especially snippets from Paltrow’s It’s All Good, fresh produce is a big deal around here (and quite honestly, essential for healthy living). But maybe you’ve hesitated to plant a garden because you live in the city with more concrete than soil to contend with, or you feel like your thumb is no hue of green in the slightest, or you think about planting when the season has passed, or you have no idea where to even begin. Let me tell you a little secret: Until this season, I have never had a vegetable garden. I waiver in my ability to care for plants. I tend to over water. And I am still learning how to navigate through soil (and what exactly are annuals?) But, perhaps just like you, deep down in the very core of who I am there is this voice that wants to be a self-proclaimed gardner. ...]]> 0