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Mompreneur: Madison Hofmeyer of Espresso and Cream

Mompreneur: Madison Hofmeyer of Espresso and Cream
Today I’m so happy to be interviewing Madison Hofmeyer, a fellow blogger who has become a friend over the years and one I think you all will adore (if you don’t follow and love her already!). She’s the voice behind Espresso and Cream, a Beautycounter consultant, wife to Joe, mom to Ainsley and has baby number two on the way!! She always writes with refreshing vulnerability that I admire, and today she’s letting you all in to her world of the stay-at-home, work-at-home, mompreneur life… 

First things first, tell us a little bit about your family and where you live.

My husband, daughter (19 months) and I live in Iowa. We recently moved from Minneapolis to small-town Iowa—our hometown—about a year ago to be closer to family and embrace a slower pace of life.

Which came first, the babies or the business?

I’ve always had the desire to go out on my own, but until last year I worked a number of corporate jobs. I started my blog, Espresso and Cream, six years ago but it had always been a side project until a year ago, when we moved to Iowa and I made the leap to full-time freelancer, blogger and beauty consultant. Working in a corporate environment was awesome, but after my daughter was born I craved the flexibility to create my own schedule.

Mompreneur: Madison Hofmeyer of Espresso and Cream

What made you decide to be an entrepreneur?

My dad has owned his own business since I was a little girl. One of my earliest memories is sitting on his lap asking him, “Daddy, show me how to make deals!” So I’ve always seen entrepreneurship modeled in my family and knew that my personality was well suited for that style of work.

Are you a morning person or a night person?
Morning! My daughter is also an early riser, waking most days around 5:30 am, so I’ve taken to waking as early as 4:00 am some days to get work done when my brain is fresh and my thinking is the clearest.

Mompreneur: Madison Hofmeyer of Espresso and Cream

Coffee or tea? (Or are you a unicorn who does not need caffeine?!)
Coffee! I wish I liked tea more, but I’ve never been able to get on board. I realized recently that I was drinking a pot of coffee almost every day, since I work from home and could keep filling up my cup. I’m trying my best to cut down to a cup or two per day, or at least making that pot half-caff.

What does your morning routine look like? What time do you get up? What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

As I mentioned, I wake up early because my daughter does, too. I think best early in the morning, when the house is quiet and free of distractions. I brew my coffee, fire up my laptop, make my day’s to-do list and get caught up on e-mails before the house starts stirring.

Mompreneur: Madison Hofmeyer of Espresso and Cream

Balance—we can’t do this interview and not talk about it! Mostly because I’m desperate to know all of your secrets. How do you make it work?

Sometimes my to-do list can seem never ending, like I have too much to possibly get done with the time available. It’s those times that I try to remember whatever doesn’t get done in the day can wait until tomorrow. Putting motherhood first is a priority for me, and one of the reasons that I’ve created the schedule that is currently in place. That said, if I have a work event in the evening or a team phone call, I try not to sweat it and my husband is great at picking up the slack.

I’ve also had to work at being better about shutting work off at the end of the day. When I go pick up my daughter for the day, It’s time to be done with work until the next day. I’m a better mom when I’m fully present and not trying to multi-task. And I’m happier, too!

Childcare is a big factor—what’s been working for you? Nanny, daycare or the stay-at-home/work-at-home life? Or do your kids go to school now?

We have a friend who watches Ainsley 20 hours each week in her home. It’s been the biggest blessing! Of course, with kids you find that your schedule is constantly up in the air, so we also have a good rotation of college-aged babysitters who come to our house from time to time. As Ainsley has gotten older, I realized that there was no way I could get it all done with her around!

How do you make room for personal time for yourself? When you do get down time, what do you do to relax, refresh and/or get inspired?

The 45 minutes after our daughter goes to bed is generally time for my husband and me to have our alone/quiet/recharge time. Since Ainsley goes to bed early, around 7 pm, that gives us time to have quiet time, do devotions or read a book, take a bath, get a workout in, etc.

Mompreneur: Madison Hofmeyer of Espresso and Cream

What one bit of advice would you give to a fellow mompreneur trying to make it all work?

Be willing to be flexible! Just when you think you have a good schedule down, something will change and you will have to re-examine what balance looks like. Try your best to roll with the punches and take things in stride.

Thank you for taking the time to share with us, Madison! 

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