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Oui, Margot

Margot Necklace by Natalie Borton

I get so excited every time we launch a new product I’ve been working on, and today is one of those days! After seeing how much you all loved the Addison Necklace and are now loving the Scout Necklace, I’ve gotten the hint that some of you are into more delicate pieces ;) So, here’s a third one I’m adding into the mix!

The Margot Necklace is a delicate necklace with 16K gold-plated matte brass lettering strung on 18″ gold plated chain. “Oui” is French for “yes,” and serves as a reminder to say yes to what’s important in life—spending more time with family and friends, having more fun, pursuing your dreams, you name it. Simple, a little sassy and “barely there,” it’s a perfect piece for everyday wear.


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    August 13, 2016 at 10:53 am

    Love this love this love this.
    My daughter’s name is Margot–yes, with a T on the end–as a nod to my beloved grandfather’s French heritage. I will have one of these around my neck in the near future.

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