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Happy Weekend: What I Loved This Week

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The safe sunscreen brand our whole family has been using lately.

Can’t wait to get my hands on Emily Ley’s new Big Kid Book for Jack. The baby book is amazing and I love that I’ll be able to keep on tracking memories for him as he grows.

Matcha chia pudding? I actually might be on board with that.

We’ve started using the cutest, softest natural diapers. I’ll be sharing more about them soon! (Until then, you can use the code NATALIE2016 for $20 off your first subscription box)

4 easy beach picnic recipes to try.

Coffee may protect against cancer. Second cup, anyone?!

The way we talk about ourselves impacts others more than we realize (especially our kids!)

How to stage a great milestone photo with your baby.

Also, in case you missed it…

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