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Moments with Moms: My Interview with Mommy Mailbox


Since I’m curating the October Mommy Mailbox, I had the privilege of being interviewed about motherhood, work and life for their blog—and the post is up today! Swing by their blog, or read the interview below. Oh—and don’t miss out on subscribing for the box I curated! There are some fun goodies in their for all of you mamas out there :)

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Kind, warm and real are all the ways I’d describe our October curator, Natalie Borton. On top of editing the Glitter Guide and caring for her little guy, Jack, Natalie also runs Thoughts by Natalie, a longtime favorite read of ours. We’re particularly excited about her newest series, Legit Mom Style, that proves once and for all that we aren’t the only ones NOT wearing heels and all white on the daily. And did we mention she’s starting her own jewelry line?

Read more from Natalie below about mama life and her world in San Diego and don’t forget to grab the box she’s curating before they sell out this month!

XO, Jamie


Tell us a little about you and your background.

Let’s see…where to start? I’m originally from New England, where both of my parents were born and raised, but I am a California girl through and through since I was mostly raised here, up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Career-wise, I went to college at Pepperdine University and studied Public Relations and Marketing. It’s funny how important your major feels in college, and while I guess I have used some of what I learned in school, I think a Graphic Design major probably would’ve served me better now that I’m a blogger! I’ve had so many different jobs—from PR work and to non-profit marketing to being the web editor for Darling Magazine and now a full-time blogger/writer/entrepreneur.

Thoughts by Natalie is such a lovely little corner of the internet. Tell us more about your blog.

Oh you’re so sweet! Thoughts By Natalie is a space where I share about style, motherhood, wellness and life. It started (as most blogs do) as more of a personal online journal of sorts and has evolved into this intentional online space with an amazing little community that I feel so thankful to write to!

If you weren’t blogging and editing The Glitter Guide, you’d be……

Starting my own jewelry business…which, in fact, I am!

Tell us your tricks for keeping Jack happy in the stroller during your runs. What are some of your favorite workout pieces?

I’ve been blessed with an extremely mellow, happy child who is pretty content most of the time. (I know, I’m totally scared to have another kid because I’m fully aware that this is rare and not the norm!!) That being said, he does have days where he’s not that into being in the jogger when I need some exercise, and that’s when I bust out the snacks :) Teething crackers are the best right now because he can hold them on his own and just take little bites throughout the run. Changing the terrain and scenery can help rather than sticking to the same route, so if he’s a little fussy, I’ll switch things up and take him someplace he’s never been before.

As far as my favorite workout pieces go, I love to run in compression leggings or crops, a super supportive sports bra and a loose-fitting tank. Lately I’m loving the GapFit leggingsBoob Design’s nursing sports bra and graphic high-neck tanks, like this one from Target.

Why did your family pick San Diego to call home? Tell us what you love about the area.

My husband and I both ended up down here for our first jobs after graduation and met during the first several months we lived here. This is where we fell in love and got married, and after a short stint in Austin, Texas, we realized it’s where we wanted to come back to and ultimately raise our family. I honestly didn’t love San Diego until after our Texas move—I think getting out of the area helped show me that I was taking so much of this beautiful place for granted!

We live in a sort of hippie surfer town, and I love the suburban beach town vibe it has. People are always out and about, everyone has a dog, there are tons of young families and the air is salty and breezy. Though every single year when fall rolls around I dream of New England, I do appreciate being able to be outdoors all year round here—especially as a runner! On top of all that stuff, we’ve been really lucky to find an amazing church community, including tons of moms that I spend time with every week. Mom community is so important when you have little ones!

What are some of your favorite spots to eat, shop, run and explore around Encinitas?

TO EAT: Solace and the Moonlight Lounge, Pacific Coast Grill, Lobster West and East Coast Pizza are my favorites, hands down!

TO SHOP: The Forum, which is a small outdoor mall right on the border of Encinitas and Carlsbad. Between Madewell, Anthropologie and J.Crew, I go there probably once a week!

TO RUN: Oh gosh, almost everywhere in San Diego is perfect for running! I tend to just find local trails since I like a good hill run, but when I have the time, a morning beach run is pretty dreamy. For that, I love Cardiff State Beach or Moonlight Beach.

TO EXPLORE: Cedros in Solana Beach. It has so much cute little stores and coffee shops, and a farmer’s market on Sundays. It’s one of my favorite places to wander.

How has your style changed since having Jack? What are some of your favorite pieces for day-to-day mom life?

My style has gotten even more practical since I’ve become a mom. I’ve weeded out almost all of my dry clean only items and stick with cotton blends that are easy to wash. I’ve always loved neutrals but have taken that to the extreme this year because it’s just so much easier to get dressed when you can mix and match anything in your closet.

For warm days, I tend to rely on breezy swing or fit and flare dresses—Gap and Old Navy have some really solid options. And when it’s a bit cooler, I reach for the high-rise jeans (my favorite are Madewell). I’m actually starting a new blog series called Legit Mom Style where I share what I really wear during the week because I get asked this question all the time! Having a baby changes us both physically and identity-wise, and I think a lot of moms feel sort of confused as to how their style should change accordingly while still remaining true to themselves. That’s where I want to help :)

I remember reading a post of yours from several years ago about not wanting to have kids, then that feeling changing. Tell us about that transition for you.

Oh gosh, yes! I totally didn’t want to have kids! It’s wild to say that now that I’m a mom and feeling so in the groove with it, but the decision to start a family was one my husband and I did not take lightly. When we got married we agreed that kids weren’t necessarily on the table, and within the first year of our marriage we both were basically on the same page that we didn’t want to be parents. Then at some point during our second year of marriage I got hit hard with baby fever! Out of the blue! It caught me off guard, and my husband had no idea what to do with it, haha. But we had tons of conversations and thought long and hard about what we really wanted our lives to look like decades down the road, and realized that we would be sad if we never tried to have a family. So we did! And Jack has been the biggest blessing ever—I’m so thankful to be his mom!! He truly has changed me for the better and watching him grow is such a privilege.

What three words describe your parenting style?

Intentional, sensitive, mellow.

Top photo by Ashton Swan for Thoughts By Natalie

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