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I am a supporter of anything and everything that makes motherhood and breastfeeding an easier, more enjoyable experience. Which is what today’s post is all about ;) I recently discovered a Kickstarter campaign that every single mama (or future mama!) needs to know about. Harper & Bay breastfeeding dresses dresses are for nursing mothers who want style and convenience. (Ahem…this girl right here!) Every dress has accessible and discrete openings to make breastfeeding easy.

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Seeing there was a huge a need for dresses that make nursing easy but are also stylish and on trend, founder Taisja Mayfield decided to put her fashion design degree to good use after her second little bundle of joy was born and started designing and sewing prototypes of breastfeeding dresses.

2015_06_12_Taisja Dress Line II 171-Edit_sRGBfinal(1)

^^This is Taisja! Isn’t she adorable?

2015_06_12_Taisja Dress Line II 246-Edit_sRGBfinal(1)

^^This is my favorite style—so feminine and chic!

2015_06_12_Taisja Dress Line II 250-Edit_sRGBfinal(1) copy 2015_06_03 Taisja Dress Line 355-Edit_sRGBfinal(1) copy

^^Look at that—has nursing ever looked so easy and stylish?

2015_06_03 Taisja Dress Line 215-Edit_sRGBfinal(2) copy

What I love about these dresses—especially as someone who is nearing the end of breastfeeding—is that they’re chic enough to wear even if you’re not nursing, unlike a lot of breastfeeding-specific attire that’s available these days.

Want a dress? Want to back the campaign? Here’s how:

  1. Visit www.harperandbay.com // Select the STYLE, SIZE and COLOR you want
  2. Fund the Kickstarter Campaign // Pick a pledge amount on the right side bar on their Kickstarter page to make sure this project gets funded. After the campaign closes in October, you will get to choose your desired dress by email!

What do you think? Would you wear these? Which style/color is your favorite?


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    September 16, 2015 at 8:25 pm

    those are so cute!! every year I participate in Dressember, and this would have been perfect for last year!! finding cute dresses that are breastfeeding friendly is tough!

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    September 16, 2015 at 8:39 pm

    Yes! These dresses are just what I need. A few weeks before my due date, I purchased three adorable dresses from Madewell that I planned to wear post-pregnancy all summer along. Unfortunately, after my son arrived, I very quickly realized that the dresses that go on/off over the head are not practical for breastfeeding and I couldn’t really wear them much. The Crop Top Skater Dress followed by the Raglan Sleeve are my favorite.

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