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3 Ways to Style a Striped Dress


Today my friend Conni from Art in the Find is back with some great style tips for you. This post is all about a personal staple of mine—the striped dress!! If you don’t own one yet, be sure to read all the way to the bottom where I added in some dress recommendations to get your collection started (or to expand your existing one, ha!).

Septembe​r is a big​​ “transition” month when it comes to style. I won’t talk much about the loss of summer because that’s always a sad topic for me (it’s hard to let go of that easy-breezy-less-layers style). But I will talk about what you can do to transition your summer wardrobe into fall.

One of my purchases this summer, which I was totally jazzed about and wore a million times over was​ a striped dress​. If you have a striped dress already here is a great style guide for fall. If you don’t, ​​this would be a great fall investment piece.

striped-dress-outfit-ideas-2 striped-dress-outfit-ideas-3

The easiest way to transition from summer into fall is to build your wardrobe around layers. Days are still a bit warm, but nights start to get cool. So you may not want to (or need to) build with heavy layers. The first of the striped dress outfit ideas is built around using light layers, such as a vest or jean jacket. Throwing on a light layer can help to make your outfit look different from the usual and changing it up that easily breathes more life into your outfit in an instant.

striped-dress-outfit-idea-5 striped-dress-outfit-ideas-5

Second of the striped dress outfit ideas (and almost definite way to bring new life into your striped dress) is to throw a skirt on o​ver​ your striped dress. Yes, you read me right. Do it, pronto. I did this and took my outfit on a stylish turn for the better. Add a pair of work-appropriate heels into the mix and you’ve got a brand new outfit on your hands.

The last, and most easy to wear to work, striped dress outfit idea is throwing on your trusty button-down under your striped dress, and voila, a work-appropriate outfit that you can layer with great accessories.

striped-dress-outfit-ideas-7 striped-dress-outfit-ideas-8

Give your striped dress a makeover this fall and let me know what you try!

Which style is your favorite?

P.S. Some great striped dresses to check out…


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    September 23, 2015 at 8:15 am

    Thank you for letting me guest post about one of my favorites today, a great striped dress! I know it’s one of yours too and I love that it can transition so easily from one season to the next. xx, Conni

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    Victoria B
    September 24, 2015 at 4:12 am

    Thank you for posting that Madewell dress! I loved it when they first brought it out, but it sold out in my size originally, so I was pleased to see it yesterday in stock and I bought one! Love these outfit ideas too!

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