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Happy Weekend: 10 Links I Love


I’m drinking some extra coffee this morning to keep myself alert and productive. Instead of our usual date night last night, Brian and I opted for a double date with two of our best friends over at their house. Karen made mac and cheese and sangria and it was low key and casual—it felt sort of like old times before we had babies. We stayed out way too late sitting by the fire in their backyard chatting about life—a great reason to be exhausted this morning for sure!

What are you up to this weekend? If you’re in San Diego, don’t miss the Solly Baby warehouse sale tomorrow! I’ll be there stocking up on wraps for gifts for friends—say hello if you see me ;) More event details here.

Now for some favorite links this week…

1. Tips for selling your old clothes. (Cupcakes & Cashmere)

2. “How I babyproofed my house” (Emily Henderson)

3. 15 career tips from smart women. (CUP OF JO)

4. “Not vaccinating children is the greater risk” (New York Times)

5. Want to sound more professional? Start using these 15 phrases. (Inc)

6. A guide to curating a conscious closet. (Darling Magazine)

7. A topsy tail braid tutorial. (The Stripe)

8. 5 reasons to stock up on neutrals. (Crystalin Marie)

9. A power bowl for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Camille Styles)

10. On raising a plant-based family. (Going Home to Roost)

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