Happy (4th of July) Weekend: 10 Links I Love

July 3, 2015


Let me say, this has been a WEEK. I’m pretty sure Jack is getting another tooth because naps have been sort of erratic and let’s just say I’m thrilled that not only is it the weekend, but it’s a long weekend and we have some of our best friends in town. Win-win-win. Any fun plans for the 4th?

Below are 10 of my favorite links this week—and don’t forget to check this post for updated sales this weekend ;)

1. An interview with Whitney Lundeen, the founder of Sonnet James. (The Hive)

2. Thoughts on vanity. (Design for Mankind)

3. Read this for a self-confidence boost. (Jenna Kutcher)

4. 11 ways to maximize kitchen cabinet space. (Brit + Co)

5. 5 habits that lead to success. (Domaine)

6. Grilled pizza 3 ways. (M loves M)

7. No churn ice cream 5 ways. (Half Baked Harvest)

8. What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever read? (CUP OF JO)

9. Beauty fads over the years—I totally was into MAC Lipglass in high school! (Garance Dore)

10. Thoughts on shopping more ethically. (The Effortless Chic)

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