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Boating in Buzzard’s Bay









Boating is probably my favorite water activity. Despite living in a coastal town, I am not one to swim in the ocean or surf—I’ve actually been afraid of open water ever since I did a triathlon back in 2009. But boating? That’s my jam. I grew up going sailing on my grandpa’s boat every summer and being out on the water is both nostalgic and therapeutic for me. We traded sailing for power boating about a decade ago, but it’s still just as special to me to be out on the water.

Yesterday we ventured out into the water for Jack’s first-ever boating adventure. As perfect as the photos above look, he sort of hated it—poor kid! There were definitely some good moments, but between the massive infant life jacket and the overstimulation of the boat and the water, he was over it pretty quickly. Needless to say, we didn’t stay out very long, but it was a good trip nonetheless. Especially because both of my 90-something-year-old grandmothers were with us. So special to have so many generations together at once.

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