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Jack’s Picks: Estella NYC Knits




I definitely have a soft spot for knit and wooden baby toys. They feel so classic and timeless—and it doesn’t hurt that they’re easy on the eyes. Hands down, our all-time favorite knit baby goodies have come from Estella NYC. They’ve been so generous to send over a few things for Jack to test out over the course of his young life, and I just had to share about them for this series because he uses them every single day.

The little blankey is his favorite because he uses it as a lovey to sleep with at naps and bedtime—something they recommended in our go-to sleep book, The Happy Sleeper. The pretzel rattle, which is probably my personal favorite, makes the softest little jingle sound when you shake it and is super easy for tiny hands to grab onto. It just cracks me up whenever he holds it and gnaws on it, like he’s chowing down on a salty snack :) Lastly, the super elephant doll (we also have the super polar bear!). They’re squishy, easy to wash and fun to chew on for little babes. Jack is obsessed with the elephant’s nose! It’s always wet from being chomped on, haha.

(These items were provided by Estella NYC, and like I said—we use them every day! Thanks for supporting the brands that make Thoughts By Natalie possible.)

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