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Happy Weekend: 10 Links I Love

I started something new today that I hope you gals will like. It’s a refreshed weekly newsletter! If you’re not signed up for weekly emails, you can check out this week’s email here, and sign up for future emails right here. I think it’ll be a fun new way to connect with you :)

Tonight Jack is getting his first real babysitter while Brian and I go on a date. She’s a friend who was in my bible study for years and is a full-time nanny by day, so she’s pretty much an ideal candidate for the gig. So glad she’s willing to be our go-to gal! What are you up to this weekend? Doing anything special for/with the fathers in your life?

Here are some of the best things I stumbled on this week, for your reading pleasure…

1. How to master the cool-girl side flip. (Byrdie)

2. A mocha chocolate ice box cake I’m dying to make this summer. (Barefoot Contessa)

3. Really great thoughts on self-confidence. (Garance Dore)

4. Easy DIY cold-brewed coffee. (Glitter Guide)

5. 15 things organized people have in their homes. (Popsugar)

6. Why exercise should be a higher priority than work. (TIME)

7. Kid-friendly coffee table decor. (Mother)

8. Erin Loechner on style and substance—a MUST-READ! (Enjoying the Small Things)

9. A gorgeous maxi dress that’s both modest and sexy. (Shopbop)

10. A cool new cosmetics brand—and giveaway! (CUP OF JO)

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