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5 Tips for Juggling Family and Work

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Sasha Muir (Founder of the amazing butter LONDON) has three kids under ten, and recently launched her newest company, BEVÉE—an online luxury handbags brand that I recently shared with you about. While she admits that some days she feels “totally insane to be building another company,” she also knows that “playing a dual role of entrepreneur and mom is intrinsic to who she is.”

I recently caught up with Sasha and asked her to share some tips on successfully juggling being a mom and an entrepreneur.

1. Value your Time as Much (or More) than Your Money

Balancing my roles of an entrepreneur and mom can often be daunting, especially now that I’m starting a new company.

One thing I am certain about is time is finite and I want to get as much value out of every minute.

So when I‘m not working on growing BEVÉE, I want to be spending quality time with my family. In order to do this, I prioritize my household budget on services rather than on things.

We have a very comfortable life but I don’t crave extra fancy, new, and expensive household luxuries (for example, my couch is over ten years old has lived through three babies!). Instead I pay for regular house cleaning and have my groceries delivered which allows for more time helping with homework, playing games and snuggling with my kids.

2. Schedule Quality Time with Your Kids

I find that time is flying by now faster than ever. It’s incredible how quickly another Spring break, start of school year, etc comes around. Each week I try and schedule some special time with them (often individually) – just like it were a meeting. It’s usually not a major event – and often is as simple as doing homework together at a local ice cream parlor or walking the dog to run an errand.

3. Prioritize ME Time

It has taken me a long time to come to terms with the fact that looking after myself is not selfish but one of the most important parts of making the juggle work. For me, that includes getting outside, exercise, socializing, and the occasional spa treatment. These activities help rejuvenate and refresh me so that I can give both my family and my work the best of me.

4. Set Aside Time for Personal Administration

I get up early and find that early afternoons are the hardest time for me to keep up my momentum. Now, I use this time to catch up on personal administration. I set aside less than an hour to check off easy but necessary tasks from my to do list. Whether this be completing field trip forms or pay bills, for some silly reason, checking these off my to do list makes me feel accomplished and gives me a boost for the afternoon of real work!

5. Follow Your Passion

As an entrepreneur, I love to find ways to build companies that find a niche in a saturated market. Personally, I’m a strong believer in supporting women. When I started BEVÉE, I was very focused on both of these passions. Time is finite and it’s important to me to ensure that what I’m spending time on is fulfilling and aligns with my passion and beliefs. When you have this North Star, it makes it easier to prioritize where you are spending your time.

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