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Happy (Easter) Weekend: 10 Links I Love


It’s Easter weekend! How are you celebrating?

We’ll be spending time with my parents before they head to Massachusetts for the summer, and I think all of the Easter festivities will be even more fun with Jack around. There’s something about having babies around that makes holidays feel that much more significant, don’t you think?

I admit, I considered not getting him an Easter basket because he’s only 6 months old, but my friend Shelby convinced me to do it and I’m so glad she did. At the very least, we’ll get a cute photo of him sitting next to it with his little Easter gifts :)

Also, we’re thinking about giving Jack his first big pool experience thanks to a baby float I got this week. We’ll see how it goes! Now, for some favorite links this week.

1. 15 ways to use an IKEA sheepskin. (Lonny)

2. “These friendships are new, but solid, and I can’t help but wonder: does motherhood have the power to accelerate friendship?” (Coffee + Crumbs)

3. Exercise alternatives for those who hate to work out. (PopSugar)

4. Pretty art prints for your home! (Jenna Kutcher)

5. A recipe for baked donuts—yes, please! (designlovefest)

6. Regaining confidence after giving birth. (Verily Magazine)

7. The ‘non’-beauty trend. (The Everygirl)

8. 5 ways to make your bedroom a sanctuary. (Domaine)

9. 5 culinary school secrets every home cook needs to know. (The Everygirl)

10. How we define ourselves—another brilliant piece from Erin Loechner. (Design for Mankind)

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