Holiday Gift Guide: New Moms

December 9, 2014


Looking for holiday gifts for the new mamas in your life? Below are several ideas, largely based on the things I’ve enjoyed during these first few months of motherhood :)

Solly Baby Wrap, $65
By far, this has been the most useful thing in my new mama life. There are tons of color options to choose from so you can personalize it to your friend’s taste, and the packaging is so pretty, you don’t even really need to wrap it.

Roku 3, $77.99
New mamas spend countless hours sitting around, feeding their sweet, hungry little babies. The Roku makes an awesome gift because it puts all kinds of entertainment at your fingertips, and has a headphone jack so mamas can listen to their shows as loudly as they want without creating distractions for little ones. I use mine every single day!

Bodum Eileen French Press, $39.95
The gift of caffeine :) Add in a bag of coarsely ground coffee for a complete gift to help her stay alert after long nights.

Coffee Gift Card & Travel Mug, $14 (plus cost of gift card)
For mamas who love to get out of the house for coffee, give a cute travel mug and a gift card to her favorite coffee shop. Simple and thoughtful.

One Line A Day Journal, $9.60
Help her remember all of those precious moments as a new mom with an easy-to-keep journal that only requires one sentence a day.

Kindle, $79-$199
This is another item I’ve used regularly since I’ve had Jack that I think every new mom should have for the sake of entertainment while nursing, as well as good self-care! Nothing soothes like a good book, and it’s lightweight enough to be able to hold with one hand, which is necessary when breastfeeding.

BKR Water Bottle, $30
The gift of hydration! When caring for a little one, it’s easy to forget to drink water during the day. A pretty water bottle makes it easier to have water nearby so your friend will remember to drink it (and refill it!) all day long. I love BKR because it’s glass, and available in a ton of pretty colors.

BaubleBar Initial Bar Pendant, $36
Customize it with the first initial of her new baby’s name for a delicate, sweet gift she’ll love to wear every day.

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  • Reply Lindsay Atkinson December 9, 2014 at 1:57 pm

    Thank you for these great ideas! I’ve been searching for a necklace for a friend and the initial bar pendant is perfect!

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