Happy Weekend: 10 Links I Love

July 18, 2014

Happy Weekend: 10 Links I Love | Thoughts By Natalie

This weekend is full of fun social events. Tomorrow morning I’ll be celebrating with some girlfriends a friend’s baby shower, and then in the evening we’re attending our third wedding this year, which is thankfully local. If I’m feeling really motivated, I may even go for a little bike ride, but don’t hold me to that. Exercise isn’t really my thing this year, though I hope that changes by the holidays—I miss having the energy to go on a nice, long run!

Now, for some links I’m loving this week…

1. Fancy s’mores—yum! (Love and Lemons)

2. A really great idea for a future manicure. (Pinterest)

3. A more stylish alternative to the now-chic Birkenstocks. (Neiman Marcus)

4. Some seriously gorgeous bracelets. (J.Crew)

5. The sale of the year is happening at Nordstrom! (Nordstrom)

6. These pajamas are definitely on my wish list—I love the powder blue leopard print. (Marigot Collection)

7. How I’m staying hydrated this summer. (Dermstore)

8. What to pack for a European vacation. (Kendi Everyday)

9. 10 best summer hats. (Camille Styles)

10. Eye shadow 101—what you need to do it right. (Maskcara)

What are you up to this weekend?

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