My Pregnancy Life Saver

May 29, 2014


Let me start by saying not only that I am a MAJOR sleep advocate, but also that pregnancy has gifted me with the desire to sleep several more hours a night than usual. As a deep sleeper, I have pretty much always gotten a good night’s sleep—but with all of these pregnancy body changes, I’ve found myself waking up several times a night, often in some kind of minor pain.

Enter the Bump Nest pregnancy pillow.


I jokingly call it my “candy cane pillow” to Brian, because let’s be real—it looks like a massive, fluffy candy cane. And that’s exactly why it works so well. The shape works wonders to support my neck and shoulders and sort of forces me into side sleeping (much-needed for a natural back sleeper like me).


I guess the reason I love this pillow so much is because my nights of aches and pains are behind me. In all honesty, the first night using the pillow I really didn’t sleep that great because the wrap around pillow was so strange—but thanks to soft filling that is repositionable, the pillow has learned my body’s most comfortable sleep positions and feels totally customized to me.

After several weeks with this thing, I can’t imagine sleeping without it—I might even keep using it after Jack is born! It is officially my pregnancy life-saver, making this strange experience of growing a human being in my belly into something a lot more pleasant and manageable :)

Photos via Bump Nest; pillow was sent to me as a gift to try and I liked it so much I couldn’t help but share!

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