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The J.Crew Look

Style-wise, there is little I love more than the J.Crew look. The casual-chic styling of the clothes, the undone hairstyles on the models, and of course, the carefree-yet-put-together makeup that has become a signature part of the brand’s look for women. I recently stumbled on one of J.Crew’s blog posts dedicated totally to the hair and makeup styling seen in every J.Crew photograph (including those above), and thought some of you might be interested to learn some J.Crew style tips.

The following quotes are directly taken from Gayle’s Beauty Tips, a post featured originally on the J.Crew blog.

The J.Crew Look // www.thoughtsbynatalie.com

Eyes—Keep It Simple
The J.Crew models typically have very minimal eye makeup—sometimes just a bit of mascara or eyeliner and that’s it. According to Gayle, “Defined eyes don’t call for tons of makeup. Just darken your brows for a bit of contrast, then curl your lashes sans mascara. My biggest secret? Apply an ultrathin line of eyeliner in a burnished brown right where your eyelashes meet the skin—and that’s really it.” Not sure how to do your eyebrows? Learn how here.

Hair—Undone and Tousled
I love that the J.Crew look is easy and imperfect. This is what Gayle recommends for achieving that signature J.Crew mane: “Let your hair have a moment. For [a] sexy, tousled vibe, spritz thickening spray on damp hair to add texture and volume. When it’s dry, finger-comb a touch of molding paste through the ends (I’m a big fan of Kiehl’s Malleable Molding Paste for that full-blown, been-at-the-beach-all-day look). Don’t try to be too perfect—it’s best to just let your hair take a shape of its own. And make sure your part isn’t perfect either.” Want to wear it up? Gayle shares specifics on that well-known undone J.Crew bun at Into The Gloss.

Lips—Your Pop Of Color
Always a lip balm girl myself, I’ve recently been experimenting with a bold lip now and then. Gayle says: “…a bright lip actually brightens your entire face, so even if it’s the only makeup you wear, you look effortlessly done. I love M.A.C.’s Lady Danger lipstick—it’s a fiery red-orange color that works with anything you wear (honestly!).”

The J.Crew Look // www.thoughtsbynatalie.com

If you aren’t signed up for the J.Crew emails yet, I highly recommend you do so—not only do they alert you of sales and special discounts (which happen all the time), but emails also include styling tips—like these—which I adore. Also, thanks to Google Catalogs you can view current and previous J.Crew style guides right from your computer screen. I love technology.

What do you think of the J.Crew look?

P.S. How to cuff your sleeves the J.Crew way…

All images via J.Crew

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