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Top 5 Wardrobe Staples

The more time that goes by, the more intentional we want to be with my wardrobe. It is so easy to get caught up in what the latest trend is, or what everyone else is wearing. BUT we at The Refined Woman believe quality trumps quantity, and that wardrobe staples that offer years of versatility, functionality, alongside style are where we need to focus!

These pieces may be a bit more of an investment, but ladies remember you are building a wardrobe to last you through the years not simply a season.

Below are our top 5 wardrobe staples…

The Little Black Dress
Really every woman needs one, or two, or three. The LBD is that wardrobe staple that you can wear to a wedding, drinks with friends, client meeting, or date night. it is so versatile, and for the The Refined Woman, versatility is EVERYTHING. Madewell offers some of our favorite LBDs—see for yourself: look 1, look 2, look 3.

The Wrap Dress
I (Kat) am a dress girl through and through, and here’s why: they are so easy! You slip a dress over your head, and you are instantly more put together. A few things to note on wrap dresses:

  • Length: Notice mine is just about knee level. That’s a good rule of thumb. Any shorter, and it turns into a night out with the girls and not work appropriate.
  • The Wrap: Make sure when you try on your wrap that you do a few twirls in it. Make sure that wrap is going to stay closed. To be safe with mine I safety pin the wrap midway down just in case a gust of wind comes through.
  • Kate Spade is where I found my staple Wrap Dress. Yes this was an investment, but remember quality vs. quantity!

The White Oxford
If you don’t know this about me (Kat) yet, I’m a bit of a tomboy. I literally LIVE in my men’s oxford shirts. Gone are the days when a white oxford is for a man heading off to his 9-5. Whether you are cleaning the house, heading to the beach, out to drinks with the ladies on a Friday night, at a client meeting, or shopping with friends, your white oxford is a piece you can wear anywhere! (P.S. My favorite White Oxford comes from the Men’s Clothing line Apolis!)

Black Moto Jacket
This might seem like an unusual choice for a staple, but since I (Em) realized I only recently added one of these to my closet I have been amazed at how versatile and stylish it is! You can wear one of these with a pair of old denim to dress it up or even layer it on over a girly skirt to give it some edge. It’s important to have a shorter jacket to go with higher waisted skirts or pants otherwise you lose the definition of the outfit underneath. I just got my black moto jacket while on a trip to Paris at Comptoir des Cotonniers but I know that ZARA always has a version in stock as well. Look for one without too many bells and whistles—the simpler the better.

Leopard Pumps
Leopard is totally a neutral. It goes with everything. I (Em) feel like a good pair of leopard shoes will enhance your wardrobe 110% …. If you need proof, you can see how many times I have worn mine on our blog here, here and here. I would go for a classic style—the leopard is enough pizzazz so you want to balance it out with a classic silhouette.

What are your wardrobe staples?

Images provided by The Refined Woman

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