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Summer Advertising Special

Summer Advertising Special // www.thoughtsbynatalie.com

Good news, friends—I’m having a sale! From now until July 31st, Sidebar Spot ads (200×200) will be discounted from $35 to $20 when you use the code SUMMER20.

With over 50,000 pageviews per month and 17,000 unique monthly visitors, advertising here is an easy way to get exposure for any blog or business that appeals to young women interested in lasting beauty, wellness, plant-based eating, spirituality, style, art and design, relationships, reading, or travel.

There are only 3 spots available right now, but if you sign up for a spot this month and the spaces are filled, you can still get the discount and you ad will show up on the site as soon as the previous ads expire.

Start advertising here >>

What kind of advertisers appeal to you (as opposed to turn you off and make you hate reading this blog)?

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