Sunday Sessions: Attitude Of Gratitude

June 23, 2013

This month—along with the rest of the people at our church—Brian and I have been practicing spending more time giving thanks. For just a few minutes most mornings, we’ve sat next to each other, held hands, and expressed gratitude for whatever comes to mind. Just five minutes or so—nothing too major—but the outcome is remarkable. It’s amazing how much thankfulness can impact our attitudes, sense of entitlement and overall view of the world around us.

There are so many things in our lives that we can easily overlook: our home, our friends, our relationships, our jobs (which provide income and perhaps give us a chance to use our skills well), our ability to walk and move and breathe, our full pantries of food, our clothing, our access to clean water, our safety, and the list goes on and on.

That all being said, I want to take a moment to invite you to join Brian and I in a new daily habit: spend five minutes each day giving thanks. It may be tough at first, but as you get warmed up, I promise the ideas will start flowing. Soon you’ll begin to see what a full life you have, rather than see what’s missing (or at least, that’s been my experience!). Whether you give thanks in the form of spoken word, thought, or by writing in a journal, I hope you’ll join me in taking time out of your day to appreciate the beautiful gifts in your life. It won’t be time wasted, I promise.

Do regularly take time to give thanks? Will you join me in this challenge?

P.S. One of the ways I relax and some thoughts on prayer.

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