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One-Piece Swimsuit Roundup

I recently discovered that men view women in bikinis as objects, not as people. Sad as that is, it doesn’t completely surprise me. After all, bikinis leave very little to the imagination and put the focus (whether it be from men or women) on our bodies, rather than our personalities. While I’m not quite ready to completely ditch my bikinis for good, I do feel inspired to embrace the one-piece much more this summer. After so much positive feedback from you guys on Instagram, I purchased a super classy (and comfortable!) one-piece that I’m looking forward to bringing on my upcoming vacation.

For all of you out there who are looking to try out a more modest (and chic!) look with your swimwear this summer, this post is for you! A round-up of my favorite one-piece styles from around the web, I’m sure that you’ll find at least one that suits your shape as well as your price point…

1 // Merona Women’s One-Piece Swimsuit in Black ($39.99)
2 // Merona Women’s One-Piece Swimsuit in Red ($39.99)
3 // ASSETS by Sara Blakely Women’s One-Piece Swimsuit ($49.99)
4 // One Shoulder Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit ($29.99)
5 // ASSETS by Sara Blakely Women’s Halter One-Piece Swimsuit in Colorblock ($49.99)
6 // Clean Water Women’s One Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit ($27.98)
7 // Clean Water Women’s One Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit in Black/White Print ($39.99)
8 // Merona Women’s One-Piece Bandeau Top Swim Dress in Black ($34.99)
9 // Merona Women’s One Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit in Grey ($39.99)

1 // Gap Halter Ring One-Piece ($64.95)
2 // Gap Ruched One-Piece ($59.95)
3 // Gap Stripey Button One-Piece ($64.95)
4 // J.Crew Gold-Trim Tank ($98)
Not shown // Victoria’s Secret Ruched Halter One-Piece ($58)

1 // J.Crew Mini-Pineapple Underwire Tank ($110)
2 // Madewell Keyhole Tanksuit in Flora ($110)
3 // Tory Burch Logo One-Piece ($195)
4 // J.Crew Jersey Lomellina Asymmetrical Blouson Tank ($115)
5 // J.Crew Jersey Lomellina Ruched Crossover Tank ($118)
6 // Madewell Squaredot Tanksuit ($110)
7 // Tory Burch Solemar One-Piece ($157.50)
8 // Madewell Marine Stripe Tanksuit ($110)
Not shown // Victoria’s Secret Firm Control Convertible Dress One-Piece ($170.50)

1 // Lauren Moffatt Dropshot One-Piece ($210)
2 // Tory Burch Logo One-Shoulder Maillot ($225)
3 // Adriana Degreas One-Shoulder Swimsuit ($225)
4 // Norma Kamali One-Piece Striped Swimsuit ($225)

Will you be wearing a one-piece this summer like me? Which one-piece styles are you favorite?

P.S. An update for long-torso ladies: Check out these cute suits from J.Crew, made just for you. Also, these suits from Nordstrom! If you know of any other options, let me know in the comments and I’ll add them here ;)

Top image via Instagram

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Swimsuit: Merona
Bracelet: J.Crew, old (similar)

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