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Baby Fever

Back in March I shared with you about changing my tune on the whole motherhood thing, and since sharing those thoughts so publicly, I’ve felt freed to embrace what can only be referred to as baby fever. I see babies and I want to hold them. I hear screeching children at Target and I want to console them. I learn that friends are pregnant (including this one) and I almost want to cry tears of joy for them because of what a miracle and a blessing that is.

While I won’t be volunteering at the church nursery anytime soon, nor adding a little bun (or buns) to my oven just yet, I can say that I’ve been intentional lately to spend time with little ones and learn more about what life as a mother really looks like.

Ella’s baby dedication in April.

Because I love to learn first-hand, I’m thrilled that this weekend we are having our very first miniature house guest for four whole nights. Our friends Lindsey and Travis are visiting until Monday along with their sweet little girl Ella. She’s serious and observant and curious in all of the best ways, and I’m so excited to spend the weekend not only catching up with our dear friends, but also getting tons of quality time with sweet Ella. At a time when my baby fever is rising and rising, I’m glad that this weekend is finally here!

Lindsey, Me and Ella.

Does anyone else out there have baby fever? Or am I the only one?

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