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Weekend Visitors

I’m doing the happy dance right now because two of our best friends are coming to visit this weekend—and they get here TONIGHT!!! The reason why this is especially exciting is because we weren’t sure if they were going to make it at all…

First, let me give you some context: I first met Ashton and Stephen last year, when Brian and I moved to Texas. They hosted a small group we were invited to, and instantly became friends. Ashton immediately won me over with her authenticity—which is the number one trait I seek in close friends. She’s silly and goofy and also intelligent and vulnerable—I knew we’d really get along! Fast forward to today, and I can honestly say she’s one of my absolute best friends.

Having a faraway best friend come visit is one of the greatest joys in life, but since Ashton is pregnant (she’s the other girlfriend I mentioned here), travel plans got tricky. You see, Ashton is having what I’ve determined to be the worst pregnancy ever. Since she’s an angel of a human being, she’s choosing to see the good in it all—how it’s strengthening her and how she’s learning from it—but I pray every single day that she can stop feeling sick and start feeling like an awesome, glowing soon-to-be-momma. Until this morning, we didn’t know if Ashton would be strong enough to make the trip out here, but thankfully she has been cleared to travel and she and her hubby Stephen are going to be our house guests for the weekend!

Unlike the previous weekends when we’ve hosted people, this will likely be more of a stay-around-the-house-and-lounge kind of weekend—and I have to say, after traveling so much over the past couple of months, I’m really into the idea of being around the house. Going out and exploring together is such a bonding activity, but there’s something so wonderful about having friends who you can have a great weekend with even when you can’t get out to do that much. This weekend isn’t even here yet, and it’s already great because Brian and I are getting a chance to connect with two people we really love—and that is truly a gift.

How do you stay in touch with long-distance friends? Trips? Letters? Texts? Video chats? Let’s discuss…

Photo by Kacie Jaksa (Ashton’s beautiful sister!!)

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