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razorpedia: matching people with their perfect razor


Warmer weather is on its way, and we all know what that means: shorts, skirts, dresses and swim suits! With all that extra skin soon-to-be showing, I know I care a lot about my legs being smooth and free of razor burn. After all, nothing ruins a day at the beach (or wearing a sundress on a date) quite like red, bumpy skin. That’s why I’m so excited about Razorpedia, a new website launched this week by my husband and his best friend…

Brian and Patrick—Razorpedia’s founders—are obsessed with helping you select the best personal grooming products available on the market. Their website makes razor selection easy, and helps you save money at the same time. Why would one need a website to help them find a razor? You might be surprised…

  • First, even though buying razors online saves you money, less than 5% of people currently do it—they want to make it easier for you.
  • Second, prices for replacement cartridges at online retailers (for instance, between Walgreens.com and Soap.com) differ by an average of 16%, so Razorpedia helps save you money (who doesn’t love that?).
  • Third, the website allows and encourages you to submit and view reviews on different razors to determine how long they last and what kind of quality shave it is. If you’ve ever had razor burn, or are into getting the best value, this will seriously help you out.
  • Lastly, you can compare prices between the 42 different razors available today in order to find the best match for your needs.

Though I’m sure that nobody is quite as passionate about shaving as Brian and Patrick, I feel confident that all of us appreciate a good shave and a good deal—and for helping us with that, we can thank Razorpedia! Be sure to like the Facebook page and follow them on Twitter to show your support and stay in the loop on great deals, shaving news, razor giveaways and more.

How do you feel about your shaving experience? What’s your biggest issue with razors/shaving right now?

(Photo from a rooftop date night in Austin last summer)

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