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invisible bike helmet

No, this is not a joke nor a mere concept in the works—the invisible bike helmet is an actual, real thing!!! Though incredibly expensive, this is probably one of the coolest pieces of technology I’ve ever seen. It’s basically an airbag for cyclists, enabling bike-lovers to safely enjoy the freedom of biking without a hard, mushroom-shaped piece of plastic strapped to their head.

The technology lies in a collar, which is the only visible part of the helmet (see above photo on the left). It has sensors to detect when you’re in an accident and is made of a durable, ski-jacket type of material. Inside of the collar is an airbag consisting of an inner and an outer hood attached together by straps. It’s made in an ultra-strong nylon fabric that won’t rip when scraped against asphalt, which is why it protects your head in case of an accident.

Learn more about this cool helmet and how it works at www.hovding.com/en/how.

What do you think? Would you ever buy an invisible bike helmet?

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