i knew you were trouble

January 23, 2013

Over the past month, every time I heard Taylor Swift’s song “I Knew You Were Trouble,” I found myself really getting into it. I couldn’t tell if it was the lyrics or the beat or the way she sang the song, but I stopped on any radio station that played it because I wanted to hear it just one more time.

Then, the other night while driving over to my friend Shawna‘s house to watch The Bachelor (judge me if you wish), I realized what drew me to it. After singing her words over and over, I finally made the connection that I related to how she felt. Anyone else? After it hit me, I started to dwell on who in my past fit the bill as “trouble,” and let me just say that more than one person came to mind (some much more troublesome than others). Before getting married, I dated a lot of great guys, but a few of them really broke my heart.

It’s funny how at the time of a breakup, your heart and soul seem to just melt to the floor, making you feel empty—as if life won’t ever be as good as it was before. Sometimes wallowing in sorrow is necessary, but in retrospect we can almost always see not only the reason why it never would have worked out, but also the beautiful lessons that the heartbreak taught us. Now that I’m married, I can say with confidence that those heart-breaking relationships that ended before I was ready for them to end made me a better wife to Brian. And in some small ways, I can only blame myself for thinking that those guys-who-shall-not-be-named were a good idea to date in the first place.

If you haven’t heard it enough already, here’s Taylor’s music video—this time, I encourage you to ponder the past, letting yourself call to mind those troublesome fellas who were a bad idea from the beginning (NOTE: the actual song starts at 2:03)…

Can you relate to Taylor’s words? Is there a relationship in your past that you knew was trouble from the start?

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