a close shave

January 10, 2013

Today I have a little favor to ask you—do you think you could help me out? If you shave your legs, you’re the perfect candidate! Read on to learn more…

Our skin plays a huge role in how we feel about ourselves—I know as someone with eczema, my view of myself can sway based on how many itchy patches I have (vain, yes, but true). This includes my legs. My skin is so sensitive, I’m super prone to razor burn and end up hiding behind jeans and leggings for a day or two after I shave. I guess you could say my shaving experience makes me feel less than beautiful, when I really should feel super sexy and ready to wear a dress! I suppose I sort of have a shaving dilemma.

Lucky for me, my husband also has a tough time shaving and he’s absolutely determined to find the best razor out there for the best value. That’s where you come in—Brian and two of his best friends are in the process of launching a razor review website (which will go live in 3-6 months), and are in need of some market research. Thus, they developed a super quick survey to gather info on razor consumers, and it would just be the best if you would take a moment to fill it out.

Answer the questions on Survey Monkey, or just fill it out below. Also, if you could share this with your friends it would be so helpful!

Do you feel beautiful after you shave? Or is your shaving experience not that great like mine?

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