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In the past year I’ve had three hair revelations that have completely transformed my getting-ready routine:

  1. the beloved sock bun
  2. fedora (and other) hats
  3. my natural hair texture

I used to spend what seemed like forever either straightening or curling-slash-teasing my hair every morning. Until this year, that is, when I realized that I have wavy hair and it’s perfectly okay to embrace my natural texture—in fact, it’s easier and my hair ends up looking better overall.

Once I decided that my wavy hair was here to stay, I went to my hair stylist. I let my hair air dry beforehand, and then asked her to cut it in a way that it would fall nicely without heat styling. Voila! Not only do I get to spend less time doing my hair now, but I also have the added benefit of reduced heat exposure. It’s a win-win if you ask me.

While I find peace and comfort in this new kind of self-acceptance, I also understand these two facts:

  1. sometimes air-dried wavy hair doesn’t turn out as expected, and thus needs a little styling boost
  2. some people don’t have wavy hair but wish they did, and thus would like to know how to make that happen

Personally, I rely on the air-dry-plus-hair-putty or big-curling-iron methods, but there are definitely several different ways to achieve big, wavy hair—and it all really depends on the kind of hair you have and the kind of waves you want to end up with. Thus, here are some helpful tutorials I’ve found on style blogs and YouTube, which I hope will help you handle and love your beautiful mane…

For those of you who are into more of a messy look, like how Carrie Bradshaw’s hair looks, love to use several products, and only need or want to do your hair every few days:

For those of you who covet Alexa Chung’s short, slept-in waves:

For those who have long hair and love big, soft and bouncy waves (or who have always wanted to know how to properly use hot rollers):

What’s your favorite kind of wavy hair? Have any other helpful tutorials to share?

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  • Emily
    January 19, 2012 at 9:19 pm

    One tutorial that I have found and like is using a stretchy headband and wrapping damp hair around it and sleeping with it that way. I tried it the other night and it worked out better than I expected it to. I think I am going to try it again for church Sunday, instead of my curling iron (I burnt my ear pretty bad last time).
    This is a link to the blog that I found it on, and a video is on it.