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February 28, 2011

I am so excited to feature Erin Pommer in this month’s True Beauty post. She has been a dear friend of mine since college, and our friendship continues to deepen with each year. Erin is a fun, athletic, radiant girl who has taught me more about the love of God than she’ll ever know.

Erin with her husband Dave.

What is your greatest passion in life? How to you live it out?

My greatest passion in life is hospitality – making others feel important and loved . I love serving others in that arena, whether it’s hosting people, writing a simple card, cooking or baking something. Offering a service to someone who either can’t do it themselves, or needs a word of encouragement, that is my joy and passion. I live this out by trying to be aware of others needs, and trying to take the time to respond. It’s important for people to know they are loved and valued, in whatever capacity we can show that, we should.

What woman inspires you?

There are so many women in my life that inspire me, spark my creativity and make me want to take my life to the next level. My friend Sarah inspires me. She lives such a life of transparency, through hardship and good times, she is faithful knowing what the Lord wants for her life, and who has called her to be. From that, she has such a joy and understanding that I so value. She knows that all she encounters in her life has been placed there for a reason, so she walks in all that life has to offer her. She inspires me to live a life unbridled – transparent because I am no better and no worse than anyone else.

How does what you do for a living fit in with your passions and what you feel is your calling?

My friend Jess and I used to play a game when we’d talk on the phone that we’d have to tell each other how our day was and what we did during the day without using any words or phrases that would make it seem like a job. For example, I could say, “I chatted on the phone with my new friend so and so, and we got really excited together talking about her son’s birthday party.” Or “I got to feed a little league team today to help celebrate their season’s end.”

I am blessed to be in a job that combines many of my passions – food, sports and hospitality. I love talking about food, I love talking about sports, and on top of that, I get to help people plan parties. There are definitely frustrating/my job sucks/I need a change days, and it’s easy to become un-rooted from the calling and purpose of why you’re there. It’s in those days that I need to take a step back, think about the client I get to serve and the people I work with…this is the perfect arena to live out my passion of hospitality and making people feel special.

When do you feel most alive?

I feel most alive when I’m stripped away from my comforts. Those times where your gut reaction is needed, and the Spirit’s word are weighing heavily on your heart. I find that in these times, I see the world in a different way. My senses become raw, and I feel like I can get a better glimpse of how our Creator sees the world.

What do you think is the most challenging thing about following Jesus as a 20-something girl?

The most challenging thing about following Jesus could be just that, following Him. The Bible makes it very clear that every action we take either sows seeds for the Spirit, or for the flesh. This is something I definitely struggled with in college, denying the fact that the choices I made in that moment had any long term effect, and that after I graduated, I would be serious about following Jesus. I continue to struggle with denying the world and all it seemingly has to offer me to live for Christ and only Christ, and not to use my age, career or others as an excuse. We are never to young to get serious and real about our faith.

What do you think is the most rewarding thing about following Jesus as a 20-something girl?

Our 20’s are some of the most formative times in our life. Following Christ can prevent us into falling into things of the world that can cause serious and lasting damage. Allowing Christ to be a part of the time in life that is most telling of the type of woman we will become, and allowing him to be a part of our molding and forming process can take so much stress off of us. To know that the direction Christ is leading us towards is to his perfect rythm and timing prevents so much anxiety to “make it happen for ourselves”.

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    so wonderful… I just love you Erin and you are so inspiring and such an amazing friend!! So proud of you!

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