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Happy Weekend: What I Loved This Week

I’ve officially been sick for the entire first week of the new year! The only real benefit has been that it’s forced me to slow down and do nothing that can’t be done from the comfort of my living room. I’ve been reading A TON (mostly notably Shauna Niequist’s Present Over Perfect and The Editors of Goop’s Goop Clean Beauty) and eating more vegetables that I have in years in hopes of boosting my immune system. So although I wish I wasn’t a phlegm machine right now, I do appreciate that sickness has already started to force me into some solid self-care habits.

Anyway, here are some favorite things I’ve read over the course of my sick week. Hope you’re feeling better than I am!

Why time management is ruining our lives.

Curious about this ginger & turmeric latte. 

Caroline’s 2016 style reflections.

Define your style in 5 simple steps. 

Sweet potato crostinis—need to try!!

Gwyneth’s one day menu for amazing skin.

Chip’s New Year revelation.

Clean sleep is the new clean eating.

In motherhood

Real Talk Real Moms | Birth Stories

Today I’m so honored to be joining in on a series I’ve been reading for over a year! I first wrote my birth story right after Jack was born, and today I’m sharing it again as part of Jen Pinkston’s Real Talk Real Moms series. Now that Jack is TWO YEARS OLD (how did that happen?!) we are definitely starting to talk about the idea of having another baby one day, so it’s fun to look back and think about how our baby boy came into the world. If you’re not into motherhood posts feel free to skip this and come on back tomorrow ;) Continue Reading →