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Who takes your photos?

My husband Brian and I take all of the photos unless otherwise noted! For styled photos of myself when Brian isn’t around, I rely on a tripod and remote shutter. Camera-wise, I use a Nikon D3300 camera as well as my iPhone 6.

What programs and apps do you use to edit your photos?

I use Photoshop on my computer and A Color Story on my phone.

What’s your full-time job?

I suppose I sort of have 3 jobs that make up more than full-time hours: mom, jewelry designer, blogger.

How would you describe your personal style?

Minimal, effortless, casual-chic—that’s usually what I’m going for at least! I always choose comfort first, and as a mom to a busy little toddler, am constantly trying to strike a balance between practical and stylish.

Are you a capsule wardrobe blogger?

Not officially, though I do have fairly minimal wardrobe. Though I’m fascinated by the capsule wardrobe concept, I prefer to have a tighter edited overall wardrobe than stick to a certain number of pieces for the season (at least for now!). My wardrobe consists of around 50 pieces of clothing, which doesn’t include shoes, accessories or active wear.

Where do you live?

I currently live in sunny Encinitas, California with my husband Brian and our toddler son Jack. It’s pretty much a slice of paradise—I love this quirky little surf town!

What size do you wear?

Well, that’s sort of a tough one to answer since every single brand has different sizing! (Which is why I always ignore the number and just pick whatever fits.) That being said, my general sizes are 2-4, XS/S, and 27 in jeans—though most of my pants are Madewell and I always size down to 26 in their denim. It’s also worth noting that I’m 5’4″ and just teetering on the line between petite and regular sizes.

What brand of hair extensions do you use? Do you always wear them?

After pregnancy and having Jack, my hair got really unhealthy and I had to cut quite a bit off. I don’t always wear hair extensions (my normal length hair is a couple of inches below my collarbone), but for long mermaid hair look I used to have naturally, I use Luxy Hair extensions. I have both the dirty blonde and ombre blonde sets.

Are those your real eyelashes?! What kind of mascara do you use?

As of June 2016, no they are not! I have eyelash extensions thanks to Danielle at Lashes to Lashes. It’s so nice to not have to wear mascara anymore! I don’t know how long I’ll maintain them, but for now I’m loving them so much! If you’re in San Diego, definitely give her a call and tell her I sent you ;)

Do you accept free product or payment in exchange for features?

Yes, I do choose to work with brands I love and am excited to share with you, and sometimes that does mean that products are sent to me. To maintain transparency here, any products that have been sent to me to wear or feature for a post will be labeled with “c/o.” I also regularly use affiliate links, which means that while the cost of product is the same to you, I may make a small commission. Any sponsored content will be clearly noted, and I will only agree to write a sponsored post if I like or believe in the product and would use it (or already use it) myself! If you’re a brand interested in collaborating, you can contact me here.