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I first discovered Natalie Comstock from Natalie Dressed on Instagram (@natalie_dressed). Her effortless, neutrals-driven, California girl style resonated with me and I loved seeing bits of her life and style in my feed. Fast forward to a year ago, when she launched her clothing brand Style + Spirit and I have even more reason to have a total girl crush. I love this excerpt from the website about why they make the clothes they do:

At their core, Style + Spirit products are simply tools. They’re created to remind you to live your truth. To embody your beliefs. Because they’re harder to ignore when they’re sprawled across your chest. 

Yes! I love that. When Natalie offered to send me a tee, I immediately was drawn to the Positivity Tee. It’s simple and minimal (my fave), and it’s a concept I’ve decided to stand by in my life, especially since becoming a mother. The truth is, in life and in motherhood, we can easily get negative and fall into a cycle of complaining. And easy as it is, it’s just not an attractive or happy way to live. The way we talk impacts our minds and influences others, and I decided last year that I just didn’t want to be a Negative Nancy. Though I definitely have my moments still, positivity, realistic optimism and reframing play a huge role in my mind and my words and this shirt reminds me of that!

The way I decided to style it falls into the cozy/chic category for sure. Destroyed denim gives the look a little edge, the chunky sweater adds luxe comfort, pumps add a touch of femininity, and the long necklace anchors the outfit in a simple way that doesn’t distract.

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Style + Spirit tee, c/o
Target sweater / similar
Natalie Borton necklace
Warby Parker sunglasses
American Eagle jeans / similar
Madewell heels
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