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Happy Weekend: 10 Links I Love


Happy Friday, friends! This weekend we’re getting together with my parents for the first time since the summer. My mom came out to visit for Jack’s birthday, but we haven’t all been together since July and it feels long overdue! Jack is at such a fun stage—I think they’re really going to love playing with him and watching him explore. Plus, there will be swimming, and what kid doesn’t love time in the pool?

Below are 10 of my favorite links from the week. Hope you have a great weekend ahead!

1. Beefless stew—definitely want to make this now that it’s chilly! (Straight Up Food)

2. The new Glitter Guide!! (Glitter Guide)

3. Life advice from 10 smart humans. (Cup of Jo)

4. Susan Peterson’s success story with Freshly Picked—great interview! (Hey Mama)

5. 9 ways to make your home cozier for fall. (Camille Styles)

6. For the mamas with strong-willed babes. (Washington Post)

7. How to make the most of the weekend. (The Effortless Chic)

8. 100 years of fashion. (Facebook)

9. A delicious weekly menu I want to copy. (Bethany Menzel)

10. Made me laugh. (Scary Mommy)

P.S. So thankful for the features our shop got this week!! Thank you Shawna, Conni and Outblush!

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