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Two Kickstarter Campaigns You Need to Know About


Can I just start by saying that I have really smart, talented, amazing friends? Like, so smart, talented and amazing that two of them have started their own businesses, both of which are super cool and currently on Kickstarter. One is for you ladies and one is the guys in your life. Read on to learn more about each one!


Chichi Active

Remember that friend of mine whose water broke when we were out to dinner together? Well, she’s not only a mom to an adorable one-year-old, she’s also a badass girlboss and the co-founder of Chichi Active. Chichi is a luxury fashion-driven activewear brand created for the chic woman who enjoys the mix of sleek sophistication with high street edge (ahem, such as myself?). Crafted from the highest quality performance fabrics to ensure the best fit and wearability, their collection offers a refined range of tailored, yet truly wearable pieces made to accompany you throughout your busy schedule.

As a stay-at-home, work-at-home mom on the go, this is right up my alley! Can’t wait to add some of her pieces to my fall wardrobe.

Learn more about their campaign and back them here >>


The Single Edge by Supply Provision Co.

A couple years ago, Brian launched a razor review website with his best bud Patrick—and now Patrick is following his entrepreneurial dreams and taking his passion for shaving and quality products a step further with his new company Supply Provision Co. His Kickstarter campaign is all about their first product, a single-edge razor.

The Single Edge is a beautifully reimagined version of the vintage safety razor created with the belief that shaving is more than just a morning chore—and your razor should reflect that. With the Single Edge, they’ve reimagined the entire traditional wet shaving experience, combining a vintage, time-tested design with modern improvements to create a safety razor unlike any other. The result is a razor that is intuitive, beautiful, and simple to use.

Oh, and in case you weren’t sure if this was cool or not, it was featured on the front page of Uncrate yesterday so it’s officially legit.

Learn more about their campaign and back them here >>

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  • Brian
    August 5, 2015 at 8:36 am

    Way to go Patrick! So stoked for him and the future of Supply Provision Co. I’m proud to be a backer of the Single Edge Razor project and have the utmost confidence in his ability to deliver on his vision. I couldn’t think of a more credible person to launch a shaving company than Patrick.