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Good morning! We just got back from a boating adventure, which I no doubt will post about later, but first I wanted to share a little snippet from my interview today on Style Within Reach. If you’re not familiar with the blog already, it’s written by Caitlin Kruse, who is not only my Glitter Guide editor, but also a brand new mama herself to a sweet little girl named Piper Rose. I’m so thankful she gave me a space to share some thoughts on motherhood! Here’s a peek at the interview below.

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Do you have any tips, tricks or advice that helped get you through your pregnancy?
NB: Though I had a pretty textbook easy pregnancy, I remember feeling so fatigued the entire time. Like, eating ice cream on the couch in the middle of the day fatigued. I swore I would be one of those expecting mothers who jogged throughout pregnancy, ate organic vegetables and drank tons of water, but in reality I exercised probably two times, lived on a diet of mostly sugar (Sour Patch Watermelons were my obsession), and only drank enough water because I set reminders all over the house to do so. It was far from picture perfect! But, the best advice I got was to just give myself grace. I was growing a person, after all. By the time I got halfway through my pregnancy, I finally accepted that this was a unique season in my life and that all I could do was my best. And that made such a difference! I ate healthy when I could, but didn’t give myself a guilt trip over a trip to Cold Stone. Also, I treated myself to small luxuries that I knew would be more difficult once Jack arrived: movie dates, pedicures, and eating out with my husband.

What were your favorite products to use while pregnant?
NB: My skin and hair changed so much (unfortunately not for the better), that I never really nailed down a good routine or the right products. But one thing that stayed consistent was coconut oil and Palmer’s lotion as moisturizers because I was so afraid to get stretch marks!

What websites, blogs, books or apps do you like to read/use about motherhood or kid/baby?
NB: I’ve always loved CUP OF JO, but appreciate her motherhood section even more now that I’m a mom. It’s so honest and relatable! As far as books go, my favorites have been Bringing Up Bebe, The Happy Sleeper and What to Expect in the First Year. Bringing Up Bebe was a fun, light read that got me excited about motherhood during my pregnancy. The Happy Sleeper was a total life-saver for us in the sleep department—I swear by it now! And What to Expect is just a timeless classic that I find myself checking in on every month to get a feel for what’s to come.

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  • Carly
    September 24, 2015 at 12:15 pm

    Hi Natalie! Love your style. Any updated suggestions for a cute diaper bag? I can’t find anything I like.