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I recently got the most lovely care package from Emoi Emoi, a French online boutique that I adore. It was such a treat to get a special delivery from France, but more special than that, of course, was what was inside: a Maman Poule* sweatshirt and mug, and a beautiful candle. A perfect little Mother’s Day treat, if you ask me.

San Diego is always fairly mild and cools down in the evenings near the coast, so a lightweight sweatshirt is a must in my wardrobe. I paired it with my favorite cut-offs (yes, I actually cut them myself from an old pair of J.Crew jeans!), nude sandals, and my new Madewell jacket that I basically have worn every day since I bought it.

A sweatshirt, a lightweight jacket, shorts and sandals…a perfect spring outfit, yes?

. . . . .
Emoi Emoi Sweatshirt (c/o Emoi Emoi)
J.Crew Shorts / Similar
Madewell Jacket
Target Sandals
Madewell Tote (from a store event—other Madewell totes here)
. . . . .

*‘Poule’ is French slang for ‘Mother Hen’. So a ‘Maman Poule’ is the doting Mum that will cut the edges of your sandwiches, bundle you up in a ton of layers and smother you in kisses – whilst a ‘Maman Cool’ is the easygoing Mum that always looks great, let’s you have all your friends over and won’t force feed you your greens!

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